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The amount of work required for anything to be highly developed yet subtle, is harder than most would think. That’s why a lot of the time we go over-board and in the case of our passions – cars, we can go over-board really quickly. Too many additions, too many alterations, too many little pieces that in the big picture don’t match up. Jason, our second customer feature for 2024 – hasn’t got this problem. He has fined tuned his BMW F80 M3 to absolute perfection.

But how does one learn such constraint and execution? Well, Less is More.

Less is more, is a quote from famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. He believed the pursuit to execute with less was far more work, but the end product was always superior. This is something that rings true to Jason’s M3 and Jason himself. Detail Autohaus is Jason’s real baby, it’s his small business that he dedicates countless hours to week in and week out. Over his years he’s accomplished some big things too, most notably a 8-time Concours detailing winner.

But don’t let an award like that sway you into thinking he only works on Classic, Super or Hyper Cars. Jason has the touch and also the enthusiasm. When visiting him for these photos, he had a huge Fiat Camper-van in and by the end of our shoot was packing his M3’s boot to do a mobile job the following day; detailing a Porsche 959S and Ferrari F50! He’s truly excited about what he does, he’s got an eye for detail and is truly passionate about what he does. If you think this is all just a bit of fluff, just look at the black paint on his F80 M. The proof really is in the pudding.

So where it it all start for Jason? In early child-hood and we mean early, there’s photos of him at 2 years old napping in the garage because he just wanted to be near the cars. Cute right? Well lucky for Jason, his dad was an avid sport car enthusiast and he was more than happy to support Jason’s new found love. At this stage in their life they were living at the bottom of a very steep hill in the Northern Beaches, Sydney. Back then, it was an MX5 his dad had and Jason remembers screaming, “Up, Up, Up” motivating his father to race up the hill at maximum speed (Good ‘ol Days). Into his teenage years his dad had an M3, and well the rest is history.

Our relationship with Jason is going on 5 years. In that time he’s gone through a hand-full of cars, all leading up to this perfect M3. Turn time back 5 years and the first car he brought through our EUROWERKE doors was… another BMW F80 M3 (no, that’s not a typo!). This car lasted quite sometime, but when Toyota released the BMW Z4 in disguise, the A90 Supra, Jason took the plunge to try something new and different.

It didn’t take him long to start modifying it either, Suspension was touched on first with the addition of Ohlin Coil-over Suspension, Cusco Sway Bars and Strut Braces, and Hardrace Adjustable arms. Power was left almost stock, with the only modifications being a Tune+ Custom ECU tune and xHP TCU tune. Wheels were changed out to factory BMW G80 M3 wheels with Michelin tyres. Last but not least, cosmetics were also touched on – adding a carbon front lip and wing. All these slight modifications were in hope that the Supra could provide Jason with the M feel he was after. But after a little bit of time, the Supra just wasn’t for him.

Whether it was the lack of space or possibly the lack of M influence, he found himself trading out of it pretty quickly and back into a BMW M model. Not wanting to buy the same car again, this time a BMW M2 was opted for. Jason really hoped all his boxes were ticked; more space, more BMW Motorsport, more everything. But as the months passed, the only car still in his subconscious was the car he let go years ago – the illusive BMW F80 M3.

Now with years of modification experience, a deeper understanding the pros and cons between chassis dynamics and overall usability, Jason felt he was a man with a plan. The M2 was to be sold and the hunt for another BMW F80 M3 (LCI) began. The check-list this time was straight forward: Single-owner with low kilometres and a full service history. Black paint with sunroof. DKG (DCT) and four doors. With not much hard work, the right car was found and purchased.

With his eye for detail and OCD for perfection, first step was always going to be paint correction and a detail; making use of the products he uses day in and day out, the black paint was turned into an almost mirror. You can see the water just bead off the car, like water on a ducks back. With the paint now looking better than BMW ever thought it could be, a layer of ceramic was added for longevity and protection. With the hard-work complete, now it was time for the fun stuff. Ordering only the minimal amount of parts for the most benefit and overall execution.

Going into the cosmetics and performance, it’s stance was improved with a set of 19-inch gloss black BBS E88 with a 255/30 up front and 285/35 on the back. Along with lowering springs and a gloss black full lip kit; front, sides and rear. The performance and reliability modifications sit sweet with the whole less is more philosophy with: VTT Crank Bolt Capture, O-Spec ‘Equal Length’ Mid-Pipe (resonated), O-Spec Charge Pipes, Pod Filter Air Intake, NGK Spark Plugs, xHP TCU Tune, and a Tune+ Custom ECU Tune (for 98octane only) making a whopping 370rwkw. It’s the perfect street and occasional track machine. Future plans are tuning it for E85 and turning the boost up!

When we caught up with Jason, to interview him and photograph his car, which actually means spending some time catching up, talking cars and taking the photos of cars. A good time for enthusiasts like us. This is how it all went down; we arrive at 5:45pm and there’s Jason in his wash bay giving the M3 a wash.

He was almost embarrassed for us to take photos whilst it was dirty, but to see the process and care – we couldn’t not take photos of him in his element. First a rinse, then a soap, then a blow dry – no drying cloths touch this paint. As the steps continued the quality of his paint really started to show.

Moving the car into workshop we started talking a bit about first cars and what got us into it all, that’s where we learnt about his dad’s passion and his early child hood memories. You could see an almost child like excitement in Jasons eyes as he spoke about them. And just like that the car was in, and inside his very well lite polishing bay. Everything on his car is just so black, it was actually really hard to photograph. The overall look is just menacing.

Jason’s phone rang and he ran-off to take a business call. Coming back moments later with a smile ear-to-ear, “I’m doing a last minute detail on a Ferrari F50 & a Porsche 959 tomorrow!”, he roared. You could see him just shift into mobile detailing mode. Collecting all the products, arranging all the cases up until I asked him to move the car 180 deg. When the car was moved, I quickly asked “I didn’t see a mobile van, what do you do mobile visits in?”. Jason replied, “the very car you’re shooting!”

With the boot packed and a few hours of laughs, the last thing to do was some driving and rolling shots. We jumped in the back and told Jason to – DRIVE. It never disappoints, being in a well-tuned BMW F80 M3.

Once we went around the block, and we all had stop giggling. We jumped in another car and went for a lap with the M3 and honestly, it looked amazing. The all black is something hardly ever executed right and yet, perfectly done. The ride and stance, the sound and overall feel. Jason had nailed it with this M3, his journey through many cars only to lead him back to the one that never should have left… it’s a situation many of us car-guys and girls have been in before. We don’t know what we have until it’s gone and nothing else can quite replace it.

Take it from Jason, it’s worth buying that car back again and it’s worth doing it right. Because just look at it.

We will once again end of a favourite quote, Jason’s is, “Don’t do anything unless your heart is in it, Live the phrase – Skies the Limit”.

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On behalf of EUROWERKE we thank Jason, from Detail Autohaus – Brookvale, for his years of trust, time and laughs – we can’t wait to see where your car journey (and business!) goes in the future.

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Instagram: @DetailAutohaus 

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