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Arthur Junior Claro is another one of our valued Technicians. He’s a man of a very few words, but speaks loudly through his actions and reliability.

How did it all start for Arthur? It started at a very young age, remembering his dads Holden Torana. He used to love going for drives in it, or even just sitting in it whilst his dad would wash it on the weekend. But as Arthurs family grew, so did the need for a bigger car. The Holden Torana was eventually traded in and changed to a Toyota Tarago. But, lucky for Arthur he had many older cousins who had already formed a car passion, having things like Toyota Celica‘s and other souped up JDM cars.

When he got a drivers license, that very same Tarago that replaced the Torana became his first car. With space for all his friends and for anyone thats driven one before – actually not bad handling – Arthur had a lot of fun in his first car, enough to solidify a passion and ambition to pursue a career in the automotive.

When the time came, his early 20s to be exact. Arthur took the plunge and started his automotive career as a heavy vehicle mechanic. The passion for the trade was formed but it wasn’t completely satisfied working in a niche with buses. A move to Ford was made and it was the right one, cars was definitely the ticket. Arthur continued his apprenticeship until his fondness for performance became to much to ignore and led him to look further.

Needless to say, what he found was us and what we found was to become an integral part of our Eurowerke team. Arthur has now been with us for 4 years, and in that time the only regret he has is not coming even sooner. We asked Arthur what piece of advice he would give his younger self and he replied,

Don’t take too long”.

Over the years Arthur has become apart of our family, but not only that, he has even started his very own! Now his main interests and goals rotate around this, just like his father – he is now making the moves towards upgrading into a bigger family car and house! A BMW F80 M3 would be nice, but even he was first to admit – even that might be a bit small in not too much time at all.

Arthur is a humble, hard-working and a relatively quiet guy. He is one of the friendliest and most helpful qualified Technicians we have at Eurowerke and it’s obvious to see as the first-year apprentices seem to rotate around him and his guidance. Arthur has a genuine excitement and gratitude for life which he brings in each day to Werke. It’s truly infectious. You can’t be near Arthur and not feel apart of a team. Whether it’s his occasional karaoke lines or the small bombs of wisdom he will drop out of the blue.

Our last question we asked Arthur was, “What you would wish for, if you had 3-Wishes”. He sat there quiet for some time and then under his breathe replied, “I only need one”. We leant in closer to hear what would come out next and even quieter than his few words before, he continued,

One last dinner with my Dad”.

Arthur has a way of dropping the mic, reminding us what is important and also pushing our team forward with his expertise, singing and occasional comedy. We can’t thank Arthur enough for his years of dedication to Eurowerke. We’re so proud to see the Technician, Husband and Father you’ve become and are eager to cheer you on towards this years goals and beyond.

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