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Justin Cruz is good news, apologies for the rhyme but he’s the kind of young man that gives Gen Zer’s a better reputation.

He’s a problem solver, kind, hard-working and doesn’t speak in slang. He’s always on time and is always willing to do over-time. A lot of these traits are truly in-grown in him, they’re something that comes one hundred percent naturally. But how? Well, let’s turn things back and tell Justin’s story.

Raised by his elders.

Justin was raised by his grandparents, Lola and Lolo in Filipino. His mum worked a lot, but his uncle being a little younger and with a different work schedule, had a little bit more free time to spend hanging out. So much so that his uncle slowly became Justin’s male mentor and father figure, and as luck would have it… he was also a car guy!

Back then Justin’s uncle owned a Honda Prelude VTI-R with the H22 v-tech engine. It was modified using mostly JDM parts, most notably a set of Advan Racing Wheels that still to this day are one of Justin’s favourites. Looking back Justin can pinpoint the moment where his ‘like’ for cars, become a ‘love’ for cars.

In this moment.

Cruising with his uncle on the freeway one day, he can remember being about to enter a tunnel. The windows were down, sunroof was open, the custom stereo was banging and exhaust screaming! Just as they enter the tunnel Justin heard for the first time his uncle ‘rev-match’ a downshift, 5th to 4th, then again, 4th to 3rd, then again, 3rd to 2nd… What was going on?! Justin can remember his excitement growing as each rev-match downshift brought the RPM higher and put the car in this moment of anticipation. Suddenly, like a gun going off, Justin’s uncle put the pedal to the metal. The V-TECH was screaming and all the sounds rebounding off the tunnel walls and back into the car. 2nd gear redline, cherp tyres, 3rd gear redline, cherp tyres, 4th gear redline and slow down.

I’m a car guy now

As the years passed, primary-school became high-school, but Justin never lost his passion for cars. What did change was his passion for other things, being surrounded by new friends with passions in fashion, music and the arts – suddenly these things became a priority and a hobby/interest that could be shared amongst his peers, even at a young age. All the way up to the end of year 12 Justin internally battled with what he wanted to pursue afterwards. The arts or something mechanical?

About 3 months after finishing school Justin was working in a warehouse and still deciding what career path was the path for him. Something deep down in his gut was telling him to go down the automotive path and since it was his first true love, why not? Justin jumped on the phone and called an apprenticeship agency wanting to enter the automotive trade as a technician. His only request for a placement was, local.

Eurowerke enters the chat.

It didn’t take the agency long to come back with a European specialist shop in Castle Hill. Now, European cars weren’t really something on Justin’s radar, but he knew that European cars were meant to higher quality and perform better, so it all was very enticing. After a week or two of negotiations, Justin quit his job at the warehouse and began his Automotive Technician trade with us at Eurowerke Castle Hill.

The Werke begins.

There were a few big milestones during Justin’s first year with us. To begin with he really impressed the team, which is surprisingly not that common. He was always willing to go above and beyond, didn’t fall into a negative spiral doing the boring jobs and just had a pep in his step. Things were all looking good and in the same year, Justin also got his license (freedom!) and saved to buy his first car…

Now his first car wasn’t going to be just any car, it was going to be Honda. Why? Simply put, every single family member including his uncle and his fondest car memory… are in Honda’s, so it just had to be one. All he knew was, it had to be manual. After looking for a while the Accord Euro CL9 really stood out to him. It had the K24a engine which was so famously known for performance, plus it had leather, sunroof and enough space for his friends. After looking at few, finally the right one was found and purchased. The car already had coil-over suspension and a cat-back exhaust system, but these were just the tip of the ice-burg for what the CL9 has today.

A kid in a candy store.

That’s what work felt like for Justin. He was so good at connecting what he learnt about fashion growing up with aftermarket performance modifications, he grew a taste – evolved a style and just loved every minute of it. At work he got to work on cars he could only dream of, fit parts he couldn’t yet afford and build cars that were truly out of the ordinary. After hours he would search the internet for used collectable parts for his Honda CL9. Slowly building a catalogue of wheels and other parts to choose from. Justin was completely and utterly car addicted.

Funnily enough, when we asked Justin what his favourite memory at Eurowerke was, you’d think he would mention a car, but no. Justin told us, “My fondest memory of Eurowerke is the 2022 Christmas party. I remember we went go-karting and were split into two teams. I can’t pinpoint the moment where all things changed, but something happened at that Christmas party that made us all go from co-workers to family. It’s been like that ever since”.


Today Justin’s Honda is a little more modified Cosmetically, it’s now got a complete Type-S body kit, along with Illumo LED interior and exterior lighting, House-Of-Illuminate sequential side mirror indicators and Euro-R floor matts. For suspension he’s got a set of BC gold coil-over suspension, Whiteline rear sway bar, SuperPro front lower control arms, Hardrace camber arms front/rear and a Cusco front strut brace. For wheels he’s got a few sets but the one’s pictured are Buddyclub P1 in a 17×9 +31 all round with Mishimoto lug nuts. Performance wise Justin has opted for a Hybrid Racing short shifter, with a billet titanium gear knob. The ECU has had a reflash and the motor itself has PLM headers and an RBC intake manifold with a J37 throttle body. It breathes through an Injen cold air intake and blows through a Yonaka cat-back exhaust system. Not bad right!

He’s also gotten so good at picking and choosing parts and cars that he’s began to buy and sell them! His latest flip a blue Honda Civic EG with some cool parts. But all that holds little weight compared to the man he’s become at Werke. Justin today is a powerhouse of an apprentice; he holds his weight like he’s already qualified. All because he truly just LOVES it. It’s not uncommon to hear the words ‘Justin did it like this…’ and ‘Ask Justin how it’s done properly’ being spoken to our now first years. Why? Because Justin really did go above and beyond and leave just a good impression on everyone that he’s now become the standard.


What does tomorrow hold for Justin? Well, he’s not far off finishing his apprenticeship and becoming a qualified Automotive Technician which will mean his part within the Werke-shop will only grow. We know his main interests are fitting Performance Modifications + Upgrades and Repairing + Maintaining BMW M Models, so we will be sure to amplify that. All we know, tomorrow looks bright knowing we have Justin apart of our team. Cheers to all your hard-work Justin, we can’t thank you enough for your consistency, ever positive presence and eye for detail. Thank-you!

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