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Omer is one of our valued Technicians. He’s been with us for years, 5 years in fact and in that time he’s gone from apprentice to fully qualified automotive technician.

But, let’s go back first. Omer first remembers his passion for cars forming when he was a child playing with Hot Wheels cars and RC cars. As a teenager this interest grew into the need to understand how things work, the engineering and function behind cars just drew him in. Though, performance was one thing that really stood out most. He would spend hours on the internet studying the engineering behind racing cars, turbos and suspension – sometimes forgetting to sleep and going all night!

When the time came to decide what was next in life, he knew working with cars was the route for him. After being accepted into an apprentice college, he got his desired posting to our workshop and well – the rest is history. Over the years he was trained on BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Mercedes Benz to say the least and today he possesses a diverse knowledge of European makes that would normally take a decade and multiple career changes to accomplish.

We were lucky enough to see Omer get his first car, a Honda DC5 Type R. It was pretty rough when he initially got it, but by the time he was done with it – it was spectacular. So nice, he got an offer he couldn’t refuse and sold it. When we asked him today what his one big regret is, he actually said, “Selling my DC5-R”. Sometimes we don’t know how much we love something until it’s gone but, the money did go to a fuelling a secondary hobby – Crypto. (& if you’ve see bitcoin price at the moment, not a bad choice!) Other than cars and playing with digital currency, gym takes up the other part of his waking hours.

What he really lives for is cars, he loves the wide range of cars he works at work each day – just recently an Audi R8 doing a complete top-end Walnut Blast and a Runner Flap Delete, or the five G8X M3’s fitted O-Spec Downpipes and Midpipes, Intakes and Suspension. But when we asked him what truly gets you going? He replied, “It’s the supercars especially the forced induction supercar customers cars come in. I loves seeing all the engineering and creativity that goes behind them and being able to work on them, build them up is a dream”. Talking about dreams, Omer’s dream ride is a BMW M2 Competition – as he said, “Something I can modify, upgrade and throw around”. He’s got the right idea!

This year Omer’s goal outside of everything we just spoke about is, travel, so we guess the M2 Comp may have to wait. On behalf of EUROWERKE we thank Omer for his effort, workmanship and care he puts in every single day. It’s been a pleasure seeing you grow into a young man and a man with knowledge and skills beyond your years.

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