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BMW Tuning and Servicing

BMW Tuning & Servicing Specialist Centre

Your BMW is a finely tuned machine and should be given proper care and attention at a BMW Specialist Service centre. Eurowerke’s state-of-the-art service centre has the latest equipment, and only uses genuine OEM BMW parts and consumables.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers in offering tuning solutions to meet their requirements. Our custom 2WD and AWD high-performance tuning service is performed on our in-house Dynapack Hub Dynamometer.

Our qualified factory trained technicians perform all major performance modifications, advanced diagnostics, and premium servicing with the correct tools and equipment, and carry out all factory logbook servicing without voiding your warranty. We also have the facilities to update your on-board service history.

Eurowerke are industry experts with applied knowledge in BMW repair and are fully qualified to get your BMW running at its peak performance. We service all BMW models, treating each with the respect it deserves.

A BMW is an investment that needs to be protected with regular servicing. In doing so, we can investigate small issues before they become big problems, and maintain your BMW to good-as-new condition.

At Eurowerke we have partnered up with some of the best businesses in the tuning scene to bring you the best solutions available in the market. So whether you’re just in for an oil change or in need of more in-depth mechanical repair, you’ll find our prices competitive and our service unsurpassed.

  • BMW Performance Tuning
  • Custom 2WD & AWD Dyno Tuning on our in-house Dynapack Hub Dyno
  • All Major Performance Modifications
  • Premium Servicing & Advanced Diagnostics
  • Factory Log Book Servicing without Voiding you Warranty
  • Suppliers of Quality Aftermarket Performance Hardware
  • Increased power gains
  • Improved engine performance
  • Better or equivalent fuel economy
  • BMW Performance Tuning
  • Custom 2WD & AWD Dyno Tuning
  • Quality Aftermarket Performance Hardware
  • The Best Tuning Solutions Available in the Market.
  • Premium Servicing
  • Factory Log Book Servicing without Voiding your Warranty
  • On-Board Service History Updates
  • OEM BMW consumables, filters and spares.

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