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‘Square’ is slang for a person who is conventional and old-fashioned, living inside the square is essentially living a life with as little risk or expectation at all. Our customer, Gary, does not live like this – if anything, he is the opposite.

Leading the way for dreamers and showing that the green may just be greener on the other side. His story capitulates it and luckily for us, we get to share it with you all.

Now, Gary has been a customer of ours since 2016, when we were formally trading as ‘Hills Eurohaus’. But that’s not where this story begins, it begins in the 70’s in Cape Town, South Africa – where Gary was born and brought up. His earliest memories are a spilt share of dangerous and terrifying moments (let’s remember, South Africa wasn’t the safest of places back then, or even now) and love filled, fun moments. One of his fondest is memories being with his uncle, in his uncle’s garage. Gary’s uncle was a self-made man, he was an entrepreneur and a car enthusiast. He had everything from Ferrari’s to Porsches and all the BMW’s in-between. Gary at a very, very young age connected hard work with fun. Gary’s uncle was an inspiration to him, he learnt that hard work did pay out and with that you could enjoy the spoils of life.

Freedom in the shape of a MINI.

When Gary was old enough to start driving his first car was a 1967 Mini Cooper S, freedom at last and packaged in one of the most fun cars to ever be designed. Sadly, the power-plant in the Cooper S decided it was better in pieces and after a month of ownership it packed up and died. Back then, finding spares for a Cooper S in Cape Town was near impossible. Being cheaper to just buy another car, a Volkswagen Golf GTI was made his own and a new game began – how long can a car be owned until it’s stolen?

Over the next year Gary had 3 cars stolen, he remembers joking with his friends every time they parked at the shopping centre that this time ‘we might be walking home’. As you never knew if it was going to be last time, you’d see your car. Now as humorous and light-hearted as we are trying to be when talking about crime, car theft wasn’t the crime you had to worry about when living in Cape Town. In the mid 90s, 1996 to be exact, after a few life altering changes to Gary’s family – he, like so many others, didn’t feel safe anymore and wanted to find greener fields to settle down, lay down roots and to try and make something of himself. He was merely 22, with two suitcases and $50(AUD) he found himself in Australia.

Starting from the bottom.

Gary didn’t waste any time looking for work on his arrival, with education and experience in Telecommunications he was lucky enough to not only find work in the Telecom industry but also got sponsored giving him the security to really lay down some roots. Over the next decade, up until 2002, Gary hustled his way into becoming Head of Sales for the national sales team at a Vodafone distributor. He built friendships, he found love and was starting a family. With one friendship standing out and evolving into a business partnership which is still going strong today: SimConnect. SimConnect is one of Australia’s leading Sales, Distribution, and Mechanising companies in the telecom sector today!

Another big jump forward in time to 2016, Gary’s is happily married with two kids and a sports car, a 2015 Audi A5. This is where Gary’s and our own story meet. Gary over the years had become more interested in accessories and modification, I guess when you sell so many in your own industry – you start to notice others and in the automotive industry ECU Tuning had become accessible to more people and more cars. Interested in tuning his A5, he called a local shop – Hills Eurohaus and spoke to Oscar. Liking what he heard, the Audi A5 was booked in for a tune the following week.

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Where this story meets ours.

On drop off Gary met Oscar and Ozzy for the first time. They had a lot in common, both being local small business owners and car enthusiasts. The drop off itself became more of a hang-out and we’ll be honest, a lot of this hasn’t changed to even today, as it’s not a rare occasion to see Oscar, Ozzy and Gary hanging out. With the A5 now completed with a REVO Stage 2 tune, Gary for the first time hit the open road with a car altered from factory… and well, since then ‘standard’ will never do.

The Audi A5 served Gary well, he owned it for about 3 years and 50,000kms. Even with the tune it never missed a beat and when the time came to replace it the choices were a little more practical in than a sports-coupe but just a tune-able. In 2019 it was replaced with a brand-new Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line 4MOTION, in white. The same week it was picked it, it was dropped off to Ozzy for a tune. This time opting for a DSG tune alongside the REVO ECU tune. The changes really brought the car alive; Gary loved it! Someone else also loved the car, Gary’s Son. About 10 months into ownership of the Tiguan Gary’s son now old enough to drive, borrowed it for a day, to take to work. Unfortunately for Gary that would be the last day the white Tiguan graced the road as it was written off, not by the fault of Gary’s son and luckily, he was completely fine. Insurance stepped in and offered to replace it with another brand-new Tiguan, same model but black.

I need MORE.

Gary with an itch for more decided this time he’d go further than a simple tune and after discussion with Oscar and Ozzy the plan was set.  Once the new Tiguan was delivered it was brought in and the following Performance Modifications and Upgrades; under the bonnet a Wagner Tuning Competition Intercooler Kit was added, along with an Injen EVO Cold Air Intake System and a IS38 Turbocharger from the Golf R. The exhaust was upgraded with an Invidia Downpipe and a cat-back exhaust system from the Golf R. To make all the changes ‘Werke’ together the Tiguan had a Stage 2+ DSG Tune and REVO Stage 3 Flash Tune making a whopping 280 all-wheel kilowatts. A huge amount of power to get this family SUV moving!

Fast forward to today, Gary’s Tiguan has covered over 65,000kms and never seen a fault. It rips just as hard as the first day and still brings a child-like smile to Gary’s face when the turbo opens! In that time Gary’s wife has owned a tuned BMW M235i and just recently upgraded to a BMW 330i (G20 LCI) which she would also like to tune but can’t have the downtime whilst the ECU is sent to Europe to be unlocked. In good time! The plan for the Tiguan is to continue enjoying it as the practical easy to use and sleeper daily. The focus right now is back on family as Gary has just reached another big milestone, becoming a grandfather (congrats!) to a beautiful 2-week-old granddaughter. We bet one day; she’ll talk about grandpa’s supercar fast VW!

Thank-you for everything.

We must take this opportunity to thank Gary, not for only being our customer and trusting us with multiple cars over such a long period of time… but for your friendship, your presence, and your visits past the werke-shop, filling out four walls with a laugh one couldn’t forget.

We’ll leave things on Gary’s favourite quote, “Work Hard, Play Hard”.

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Gary’s Stage 3 Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line 4MOTION Gallery: