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If you’ve ever visited our Eurowerke Castle Hill service centre before you would have met Phil. He’s our service manager and on arrival, the smiling face you’re greeted with. But who is Phil? Well to us, he’s our Conductor, a pillar of information, knowledge and experience. But he’s also more human than just that.


As a young boy Phil can always remembering have an interest in cars, loving the shape and sounds as many children did. He was lucky to have an older family member who also shared his interests and would turn out to be quite the avid car enthusiast. Always prepared with a new question, little Phil began to learn more and more about the four wheeled metal machines that had stolen his imagination.

Fast forward a decade and Phil has now finished school, bought his first car – a maroon Mitsubishi Verada (you remember those!) and ready to take his passion of cars and turn it into a career. Opting to join Volkswagen as a Apprentice Technician his plan was well underway. He worked and studied for the next 4 years then obtaining full qualification. In his 5th year with Volkswagen, Phil decided to give service advising a go – taking his practical knowledge and combining it with his desire to help and interact.


After a year of this Phil joined the Eurowerke team. What feels like yesterday, is now just over 5 years ago. Not only has Phil become our family, but he’s began to build his own! Married only a handful of months ago and already loosing sleep most nights to beautiful infant daughter, Phil is staying positive and preparing for his 2nd child – a boy, whom is already ‘taking his sleep’. Jokes aside when we asked Phil if he had any advice for his younger self – he replied, “Act quick and have kids sooner”. When we asked Phil what goals he has this year – he humorously replied, “Manage my first year of being married & having kids”.

Today, Phil is a foundational pillar to our team at EUROWERKE.


The easiest way to summarise it is, he is an ///M nut and could tell you the product code numbers for most obscure rare parts. He is the hardest worker in the room. He is always committed to ensuring our customers receive the best service and communication possible & finally, he is… an endless pit of dad jokes.

We thank-you Phillip for everything you’ve done for us, we congratulate you for all the personal milestones thus far this year and we cheers you for what is it come!

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