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BMW Tuning is a major facet of what we do here at Eurowerke.

Every day of the working week we our team of master-techs complete a variety of ECU tuningPerformance Modifications, and Upgrades on BMW and all other major European makes and models. Our experience allows us to enhance the performance and drivability of your vehicle as efficiently & safely as possible. Over time we have built an efficient and streamlined tuning process, allowing us to provide your vehicle with more reliable power and torque, whilst ensuring and maintaining the factory safety parameters. This is all completed in our state-of-the-art dyno room utilising our DynaPack AWD Hub Dyno. We also offer accurate before & after power figures and custom tuning of your vehicle to ensure it is performing at its peak.

In this article we’re featuring a BMW G80 M3 Competition which came to us for some mechanical work and a tune. Note: The car was tuned in rear-wheel-drive mode to minimise chance of damage to the transfer case and for a more consistent overall reading. 



O-SPEC Front Facing Air Intake
O-SPEC Downpipe
O-SPEC  Midpipe
xHP TCU Tune
TUNE+ Custom ECU Tune
NGK Spark Plugs


Pump 98 Octane


466RWKW @ 5880rpm


916NM @ 3349rpm

Interested in BMW Tuning?

Here at Eurowerke we are industry experts with applied knowledge in BMW Servicing, BMW Tuning and are fully qualified to get your BMW running at its peak performance. We service all BMW models, treating each with the respect it deserves. We understand that a BMW is an investment that needs to be protected with regular servicing. In doing so, we can investigate small issues before they become big problems, and maintain your BMW to good-as-new condition.

We have partnered-up with some of the best businesses in the tuning scene to bring you the best solutions available in the market. So whether you’re just in for an oil change, in need of more in-depth mechanical repair or in for performance modifications and tuning, you’ll find our prices competitive and our service unsurpassed.

We will not do any mods on our customers cars that we wouldn’t have already done & tested on our own.

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What are the benefits to ECU Tuning?

  • Increased horsepower and torque: ECU tuning can increase the amount of power your engine produces, resulting in faster acceleration and a more thrilling driving experience.


  • Improved fuel economy: By optimising the fuel-to-air ratio and ignition timing, ECU tuning can help your engine operate more efficiently, which can result in better fuel economy.


  • Enhanced throttle response: With ECU tuning, you may experience quicker throttle response, allowing you to accelerate more quickly and with greater precision.


  • Customised settings: With ECU tuning, you can customise the settings to suit your specific driving needs and preferences, whether you’re looking for more power, better fuel economy, or a balance of both.


  • Reduced turbo lag: ECU tuning can help reduce turbo lag, which is the delay between when you hit the gas and when the turbocharger kicks in. This can result in a more responsive and engaging driving experience.

What are the benefits to TCU Tuning?

  • Quicker gear changes: TCU tuning can reduce the amount of time it takes for your transmission to shift gears, resulting in faster acceleration and a more responsive driving experience.


  • Smoother shifting: With TCU tuning, you may experience smoother and more refined gear changes, even at high speeds or under heavy acceleration.


  • Optimised shift points: TCU tuning can optimise the shift points for your driving style and vehicle, resulting in a more personalised and engaging driving experience.


  • Improved durability: By optimising the transmission settings, TCU tuning can help reduce wear and tear on the transmission, potentially improving its longevity and reliability.


  • Reduced heat build-up: TCU tuning can help reduce the amount of heat that builds up in the transmission during heavy use, which can help prevent damage and extend its lifespan.