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Planning a road trip should be fun, but keeping it fun is generally the hard part. So what can you do to eliminate some of the risk of things going wrong? Well, we can’t give you advice about kids tantrums or traffic, but what we can give you is a few easy DIY CAR Checks You SHOULD Do Before Your Next Road Trip:

1. Check your Fluids

Your European car fluids are the pumping blood and the cooling water every car needs. Be sure to get under your bonnet and check your oil, remember to do this when the car is on level ground and the engine is cold. Whilst you’re these check the coolant levels and sometimes over-looked but very important on a road trip, the washer fluid. The last thing you should be looking for whilst you’re there is for leaking fluids; oil leaks, coolant leaks etc. These should be visible by clear visual placement of the liquid of dried remittance of it.

Oil, Coolant, Washer Fluid, Leaks – Check!

2. Check your Electronics

This means everything from your lights, blinkers and brake lights to your air-conditioning, stereo and massage seats (if you have them!). Be sure to jump into your onboard computer and check for any hazard lights or messages.

Headlights, Blinkers, Brake Lights, Windows, Air-conditioning, Stereo, On-board Computer and Luxury options – Check!

3. Check your Wheels

More importantly, everything connected to them. Visually inspect each tire, ensure there isn’t any damage and ensure pressures are at factory specification. Look into your wheels and see if your brake rotors have any strange warping or scraping, and you should also be able to have a peak at your brake pads seeing if there is enough meat on them and they are sitting as they should. Get your hands on your wheels, at 9 and 3 and give the wheel a good shake – it shouldn’t move or wobble. If it does, it could indicated suspension bushings or alignment are out. Before any road trip it is advised to get a wheel alignment and suspension inspection.

Wheels, Tyres, Brakes, Suspension – Check!

Now checks are great, but preventative maintenance and regular log-book servicing is even better. Why?


  1. All the checks above are standard part of each and every log-book service.
  2. Log-book servicing will maintain your warranty and ensure your European cars compliance with manufacturers requirements.
  3. Regular log-book servicing at is a form of preventative maintenance and has proved to find and fix problems before they become them.
  4. Preventative maintenance and regular log-book servicing gives piece of mind all year round, not only before a road trip.
  5. We have a duty of care and desire to ensure our customers are safe in their European cars and sometimes it’s better to trust the professionals.

Getting to your destination and back safely is the main goal here. Being able to check the main components of your European car will allow you to have the sense of security even when the road might be leading to the middle of nowhere. And remember, somethings are best not left until last moment and there are options through regular log-book servicing and preventative maintenance that will allow you to have that piece of mind of safety and security all year round.

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