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As the time comes to retire our BMW F80 M3 project, it’s also time to introduce our new project build, Grimace, the BMW G81 M3 Competition.

Speccing and ordering an M3 new is, well, new to us. We haven’t had the pleasure of doing it before and with the opportunity in-front of us we had to make sure that we ordered something special.

The first box we ticked was for individual paint, Techno Violet to be exact. It’s an older paint, most famous for its time on the E36 M3. Having such fond memories of the E36 we knew it was the right choice for us. Unfortunately for us, BMW, didn’t agree at first. Something about the colour being used on a limited edition car coming to our shores. But with a stuck of luck, the colour was approved and for our benefit – it may be the only Techno Violet ‘Competition’ (due to the special edition on it’s way). To compliment the shade of purple, something bold was needed.

Interior was next, but definitely not the simplest.  ‘Something bold‘ is something definitely on offer with the new M3 & M4. With so many bright colours on offer, the only thing we could decide upon straight away was the optional Carbon Buckets. After a flick of a coin, the bright Kyalami Orange leather was selected. The end product is bright, mean and hard to forget – just perfect!

For those who haven’t seen any reviews or information on the new M3, let us quickly get you up to speed. The new BMW M3 COMPETITION (G81) XDRIVE has a 8 SPEED AUTO connected up the BMW’s now iconic 6 CYLINDER TWIN-TURBO 3.0L. With 375kw @ 6,250rpm and 650nm @  2750rpm, the new M3 even in standard form is a very FAST car.


Learn more: Enjoy, ‘Chris Harris Drives‘ on the BMW G81 M3 Touring:

When time came to pick it up, we were ecstatic. Not only because of how special this car is to us, but so that we could get busy testing, tuning and pushing the limits. If you’re new to us, Eurowerke, well this was always the plan. Our past project car, it was completed in many stages. Each stage involved tuning and extreme testing. Why? Simply – because we only want to supply and fit products we have used and believe in. Over the different stages of the build, we ended up with Australia’s fastest F80 M3, completing the 1/4 mile in 9.74 @ 145mph.

Watch the Australia Record Holding Eurowerke BMW F80 M3:

Next step will be to rip ‘Grimace’ apart, learn everything we can and give it to parts it requires to earn its name. We will be fitting our Stage 1 Performance Kit and a handful of cosmetic improvements to give him the grunt and stance he deserves!

Stage 1 of modifications will include:

We’re so glad to be apart of a very quickly growing enthusiast community of BMW G8X M3 and M4 owners. Just look at some of the beautiful customer cars to come through the workshop recently:

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