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Ryan is the conductor of our workshop and technicians. He’s the longest serving team-member we have and is a part of the foundation of Eurowerke. He was with us when there was only 2 team members and 1 car-lift, whereas now we have a team 21 strong with 12 lifts. 

But first let’s wind time back, beyond the decade of hard Werke to where it all began for Ryan.

Ryan can always remember being into cars, it wasn’t something passed down or introduced to him – his affection for cars was a choice made all by himself. Even as a little boy there was something about the mechanical nature of them, how many little pieces bolted together and together they would engineer something with sound, speed, and appeal. This led to most of Ryan’s toys being engineer orientated; mostly consisting of Matchbox cars, Lego and Maccano.

Lego and Maccano, it’s just like building right?

As he got a bit older, into his young teenage years – Lego and Meccano took the lead over all else. Ryan was convinced he was going to become a Carpenter and build things; residential, industrial, whatever. When his school mentioned they would be doing work experience, the first thing that came to mind was building. This is where the age-old saying “You should never meet your hero’s” somewhat comes into play. Luckily for young and rosy-eyed Ryan a placement was found with ease, and he was scheduled to do a week on the worksite with a Carpenter.

Gallery 1: Moments from the early days at Hills Eurohaus.

On his first day, the tone was set by his ‘mentor’, a carpenter who was going to show him how it ‘really was’. Ryan can remember him complaining non-stop, about everything; ‘every-day I have to drive around in an old Ute, sitting in traffic with all my expensive tools, get to a site – rain, hail or shine and break my body until the job is done’. Unsure whether this mentor knew how much these comments would influence a young mind, but after a week of helping-out and learning the ropes… Ryan knew, carpentry wasn’t going to be for him. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so sunburnt”, Ryan remarked jokingly.

Back to the drawing board.

At this point Ryan was in Year 10, he didn’t know much but if he knew one thing for sure – this was going to be his last year of High School. As things go in Year 10 at an Australian High School, there was a Careers Day planned at a local university. The defence force was going to be, along with every trade under the sun. Ryan had a short-list of stands to visit – only two, the Australian Army and Trivet Classic.

Gallery 2: Away from the past and into the current.

Speaking with the Army, Ryan liked the benefits and team feel. He was interested in a direct entry trade role, where he could get training but also earn a great income with some benefits. Perfect, he thought. Stopping by the Trivett stand Ryan thought his mind was already made up, but the appeal of cars came through once again. Trivett went on to explain there was apprenticeship slots available for BMW in Parramatta. Their workshops are air-conditioned and spotless, it looked like a great place to work. Over the next couple weeks Ryan pondered and asked opinions from friends and family. The decision was made, Ryan locked in for an Automotive Technician trade, starting as an apprentice at Trivett BMW, Parramatta.

First day as an apprentice. 

Shirt tucked in; hair pulled back. Ryan was eager and ready to go, arriving at the Parramatta service centre bright and early to make a positive impression. His eagerness was taken a liking too by the qualified technicians and after some paperwork he was assigned to work with one, by a struck of chance he was assigned to work with one, Ozzy. Yes… the very same Ozzy that took a chance to start a business with his brother and grow it into what we know today as Eurowerke.

Gallery 3: In the Werke-shop today.

Ryan had found his place, a mentor to learn from and enjoy working with and a career that well has some longevity in it without the draw backs of working outdoors or in the mud. The years passed and Ryan looks back at his time with BMW very fondly. A year before his apprenticeship was complete Ozzy had moved on and started ‘Hills Eurohaus’. Things were never really the same, not bad but just not the same. The final year of Ryan’s apprenticeship felt like the longest year of the four, something was missing.

A leap of faith.

Apprenticeship complete Ryan was now a Qualified Technician but the void in his soul was still not filled. Reaching out to his past mentor for advice and just to see how things were going, he would excitingly listen to how things were going at Hills Eurohaus. Was this the spark that was missing? Ryan thought so. Acting on a gut feeling that ‘he should just ask’, Ryan reached out to Ozzy and expressed his interest to leave the manufacturer and join an independent.

Gallery 4: At events and making the team smile!

At the time Hills Eurohaus had just employed their 2nd employee, leveraging themselves to a new level that hadn’t yet harnessed. The numbers, they weren’t adding up to expanding the team one more but much like Ryan having a gut feeling to ask, Ozzy and Oscar were having a gut feeling to make mountains move and invite Ryan on-board, no matter the financial risk. The job-offer was made and accepted, Ryan’s excitement for Werke was back and the team at Hills Eurohaus had one more qualified technician in the team.

It’s 2014 and it’s time to put in the Werke.

It didn’t take long for Ryan to prove his worth and carry his share of weight of work within the business. The financial risk paid off and Hills Eurohaus was moving forward with a pep in their step. The years continued to stack on, as did the team members and equipment. Before you knew it they out-grew the workshop and moved to slightly bigger location in Castle Hill. Once again, the work was put in and the team and workload outgrew this establishment. Moving again two workshops were secured next door to each other, the wall knocked down in-between and not much longer – a rebrand to the brand you know (and love!) today – Eurowerke.

Gallery 5: Looking forward for the future, together.

Now things haven’t slowed down, another unit was added to the contract and another wall knocked down between. Now Ryan is one of the captains of the ship, helping mentor 4 apprentices and support 16 other team members. A few things may have changed, his hair is now silver and stumble now a goatee. But Ryan still has the same excitement he had 14 years ago as an apprentice. Most days he is working on the larger performance orientated jobs, whilst jumping from car-lift to car-lift supporting the team. He’s always present at the racetrack and the first to offer to buy rounds at the pub.

Living the Werke.

We’re aware in our other staff feature articles we’ve spoken about first cars, current cars, family, and hobbies. But with Ryan, his cars are our cars, his family is our family, and his hobby is Eurowerke. He lives and breathes it and if you really need to know, his first car was a Mitsubishi Lancer CC – with a sound system more expensive than the car, his current project is a Toyota Corolla KE10 – which is currently in more pieces than it originally came with and the next thing on the horizon is a Harley Davidson 114 or 117 Breakout.

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Saying Thank-you…

Over the years, we have never said thank-you to Ryan (joking) but today we will. Thank-you for going with your gut, for your trust and your hard Werke. We can count on two hands how many sick days you’ve taken in a decade, and we can’t count how many days you’ve stayed back or supported the team racing.  You’re always willing to go above and beyond and then let everyone else know about it afterwards. It’s hard not to joke with someone who is so engrained in who we are and where we have come from.

So, joking aside, we thank-you for everything over the years!