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Meet Shams, he’s one of our original customers who’s chosen Eurowerke for all his Log Book Servicing and Performance Upgrades since 2012.

In that time we’ve upgraded and tuned five of his daily drivers and helped maintained another handful of second-cars. Fast forward the years to today and he’s become more than a customer, he’s a close friend and also our lawyer. At present Shams daily drives a 2021 BMW G21 330i M-Sport with a handful of performance modifications to increase power and improve drivability, along with a complimentary second car, a manual transmission BMW E36 323i Individual.

But before we elaborate on that, let’s turn back time first and tell you where Shams automotive story began.

Some of his earliest memories involve cars, not a real car but toy cars. Shams can clearly remember playing with Matchbox cars on the carpet at home as a very young boy. He would line them all up, race them and even wash them. They were his pride and joys! This was the seed to his automotive passion and the water for this seed was his father. Shams’s Dad was also a car enthusiast with a passion for MINI. He was extremely hands on, always in the garage tinkering away on something. Shams distinctly remembers a time when his dad was working in Malaysia at the Sepang Circuit, helping to construct the new Grand Stand. By chance he got to meet the one and only, Michael Schumacher. The World Champion was nice enough to take him for a fast lap around the circuit in a Ferrari road car – a real chance of a life time.

This interaction and story truly influenced Shams and his passion. As he got older he found himself drawn to motor racing on television. He loved to see the body language of the race cars on track, the way they jumped over the ripple strips and loaded up the suspension really intrigued him. Back then (and still today) his favourite race-car drivers were; Ayrton Senna and Peter Brock. Like a lot of other young boys in the early 90s, Shams’s bedroom was covered with posters of these two drivers, along with some now cultural icon cars: Lamborghini Countach, Porsche 930 Turbo and BMW E30 M3.

For years Shams continued to nurture his passion, always open to learning more, watching a race or reading a magazine. The first real leaps came in high school as Shams’s got his first job working the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Now a teenager with an income, his passion for cars evolved into a true obsession. The fashion in Sydney for modified cars (back then) was all about being low, having the biggest chrome wheels and deepest candy paint. There were many first cars on the radar for Shams – Honda EK Civic, Subaru WRX, Nissan Skyline. Back then, he would spend hours chatting with his cousins comparing each to best figure out which would suit him most.

When time came to pull the trigger, something automatic and with a bit more space was opted for.  A Hyundai Sonata was destined to be Shams first car, but leaving it stock wasn’t an option. Within a couple of weeks it was slammed on 20-inch ‘Chromies’ and was fitted with a sound system you could hear from a neighbouring state. At this point in Sham’s life he was attending university embarking on a double degree in Law and Business. As a car to get to university and cruise around with friends it was all a bit of fun and many great memories were made!

But something about it just didn’t sit right with Shams. His engrained love for motorsport and racing just left him feeling disengaged driving his Hyundai. In 2006 the real fun began with the purchase of Shams’s first European car, a nearly new Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk4) with a manual transmission! Everything was perfect, except for one small detail: Shams could not drive manual yet.

Luckily for Shams…

He had built a little of bit rapport with the salesman who ended up offering to drive the GTI home. Now with his new pride and joy home Shams did what any other car enthusiast with a new manual car would do, he booked in some lessons and LEARNT. It didn’t take long, maybe 3 lessons and he had the swing of things. He remembers this time of his life fondly, the emotion and experience of shifting gears was everything he wanted.

Like many other car enthusiasts, Shams desire to share his passion with others was prevalent. Back then internet car forums were the main avenue of information, social engagement and the occasional keyboard warrior. Over these few years Shams got heavily involved with VW-Watercooled and VW Vortex Forms, two pioneering Volkswagen communities. He absolutely loved joining in on online conversations and attending meets and cruises.

Funnily enough when we asked him what his favourite memory in a car is, he replied “The first car cruise convoy I went on in my Volkswagen Golf GTI. We were all headed down to Wollongong and I just remember it felt like we were a team, all with the same starting point and destination. Flowing down the mountain going apex to apex, it was surreal – I’ll never forgot it”.

In 2010 life was about to evolve once again for Shams.

He was getting married and needed to pay for the wedding, so sold the Mk4 Golf GTI and did just that. Back then, you could pay for a wedding and still have some money left over for another car… in Shams’s case, 3 cars. He bought two Mk3 Golfs and a Mk2 GTI. The Mk3’s to flip and the Mk2 GTI to enjoy.

Only two years passed and now with some cash back in the bank and other parts of his life progressing, Shams wanted to get back into the car that he let go. The plan was made and the deal was done, buying himself another VW Golf GTI (Mk4). This is where his automotive story and ours meet, because his second Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk4) was also the first car he brought to us! Back then we were known as Hills Eurohaus, We had a tiny team, in a small single unit with 3 car lifts (how times have changed!).

Over the years Shams has built and tuned with us:

  1. Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk4)
  2. Skoda Octavia RS
  3. Audi S3 (8v)
  4. Volkswagen R36 Passat

All four cars mentioned above were built to a Stage 2 level meaning they all possessed upgraded air intakes, downpipes and cat-back exhaust systems. Always optimised with a REVO Tune. The cosmetic upgrades were never ignored either, with lowering springs or coil-over suspension, better fitment wheels, carbon lip kits and decals always the finishing pieces. Currently Shams two car garage is a BMW 330i Wagon with the same Stage2 upgrades as all his previous rides, and a BMW E36 323i Individual which is slowly being tuned for track.

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Shams’s BMW G21 330i M-Sport was purchased new in 2021.

He opted for the Black Sapphire paint on Cognac Leather with the Panoramic Sunroof – a real classy spec. But like every other daily-drive he’s owned in last 12 years – there was a few mods to be completed:


Blacked out Trim and Kidney Grill

Limo Window Tints

M-Sport Kidney Decal

20” Koya Wheels (Staggered Fitment)


O-SPEC Downpipe

MST Performance Intake

Adjustable Lowering Springs

AP Racing Big Brake Kit (Powder-coated Gold Metallic)


Custom TUNE+ ECU Tune

xHP TCU Stage 2 Tune

On the dyno in standard form the BMW G21 330i made: 174rwkw @ 5987rpm & 347nm @ 2659rpm.

After the addition of the performance upgrades above Shams’s car made: 220rwkw @ 5503rpm & 448nm @ 2964rpm.

That’s a 46rwkw and 101nm GAIN!!!

Having enjoyed the wagon for nearly 5 years the time has come to move it on. The car is currently available on Carsales (see here). It’s a single owner car, always maintained and upgraded by us here at Eurowerke. If you’re after a beautifully specced car with less than 30,000kms and all the modifications already complete – then this might be the car for you!

Now onto his passion project at the moment, his Dakar Yellow E36 323i.

Shams’s admits, this car is a 10footer, great from far but far from great up close – but that’s ok! It’s a project with the end goal of having a tidy weekender that is capable on track and even better on a twisty mountain road.

So far the car has received mostly maintenance and a handful of key performance upgrades. Most notably it has an original M3 Front & Rear Bumpers and Side-skirts, along with a set of E36 M3 Vader front seats. The rear spoiler, carbon intake plenum and short-shifter are all motorsport pieces but give this 323 the look, feel and sound it needs. Suspension has also been touched on with BC Coil-overs and Strut Bar braces front and rear. A set of M5 wheels with sticky tires complete the street/track look. Next will be to tidy the exterior, some body repair and a complete respray. Along with a big brake kit and a few other track safety upgrades. There’s no rush though, as the car is a driver and a great driver at that!

With the BMW 330i (G21) M-Sport being moved on to a new loving home, it is time to look at what is on the horizon…

Call it nostalgia, call it a bit of fun, but the car replacing the wagon is another wagon, a Volkswagen Golf R (Mk8). As always there is already plans to modify this daily-drive to the right amount of crazy and calm. When we asked Shams what the mod list looked like this time, he replied “This time there is no list, but the plan is simple – I want Oscar and Ozzy to go as hard as they can with it. What we did in the past was great, but I want more with this car!” So stay tuned for that fun build.

It’s amazing how time can fly when you’re having fun and the last 12 years with Shams as a customer and friend has been a pleasure. In this time he’s opened his own law firm in Bella Vista, Quill Legal, specialising in criminal, family and commercial law. He’s got a growing family of teenagers and his passion for the automotive is more prevalent than ever. Like always we like to finish these stories with a piece of advice and a favourite quote.

Shams’s best piece of advice for anyone, young or old is: Be real with yourself, Be real with the people around you & Always stay true to yourself. And the quote he’s had engrained in his subconscious and lived by most his life is a truly powerful one from an iconic United Kingdom Prime Minister – Winston Churchill.

It goes a little like this:

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Never Give In. – Winston Churchill, Harrow School, 1941.

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