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We’ve introduced a new product to our line-up, and it solves the problem many of us hate, brake dust. But not only do these brake pads significantly reduce brake dust but they do so without sacrificing any brake performance!

Who are Dixcel?

Dixcel is a Japanese company founded in 2003 to produce and distribute brake products for street and circuit use. “Dixcel” is a fusion of two words, “Deceleration and Excellence”. As brake manufacturers they design, develop, produce, and distribute brake products.

About Brake Dust

Have a look at the comparison images of the two wheels below. Clearly, the car using the M type has little brake dust on the wheel. The benefit of the M type is not just being freed from constant cleaning of the wheels. Most brake dust is not from brake pad shavings, but shavings from the brake disc. The M type brake pads have low brake dust, meaning the pads are shaving off less from the brake disc. This leads to the prolonging of the life of the brake discs. The characteristic of metal shavings (dust) is its vulnerability to humidity; humidity corrodes the metal shavings. So, without the proper maintenance, the metal shavings can cause the wheels to corrode. With the M type brake pads with minimal brake dust, there is no need for the frequent cleaning of wheels. Please experience for yourself the superior brake performance that the OEM pads lack with the ultra-low brake dust M type brake pads.

About Dixcel M Type Brake Pads – Ultra low dust brake pads for street use.

Known for their significant reduction of brake dust without sacrificing brake performance. Dixcel M Type Brake Pads have an extremely stable operating friction level, for superior brake control. This allows for braking power to not be abrupt, but smooth and comfortable whilst braking. These are designed to minimize disc wear to help prolong the life of the brake discs.

For model availability and pricing please contact us on (02) 9899 6618

Watch Grimace get his set of Dixcel M Type Brake Pads fitted:

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