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We’re lucky here at EUROWERKE to see a lot of late model European performance vehicles, whether they’re in for logbook servicing or performance modifications and upgrades – it’s always a burst of fresh air to see the cars that are still current and lusted for in the marketplace.

We see them on regular that we begin to see trends and with the new G8X M3 and M4 the trend has been dark colours and mostly sedans. So, you can see our excitement when we walked outside and there was two G82 M4 Coupe’s parked side by side. The convertible is by the far the rarest, but even seeing two coupes was a special moment. We have an array of BMW Services but in this instance both M4’s were in for performance modification, the blue being Tanzanite Blue and the silver being Skyscraper Grey. Two not so common colours!

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Tanzanite Blue M4:

This M4 was in for quite a bit of performance upgrades and a custom Tune+ ECU tune. First off, the ECU was sent to FEMTO in Finland to be unlocked, when returned the M4 was fitted with new O-SPEC Downpipes and Forward Facing Air Intakes. Additionally, a set of NGK Spark Plugs were fitted before hitting the dyno to receive a custom Tune+ ECU Tune with Ozzy. On 98 octane this Tanzanite Blue G82 M4 made a whopping 477rwkw and 856nm.

Skyscraper Grey M4:

The skyscraper grey G82 M4 opted for something a little closer to factory, having an O-SPEC 3.5” Midpipe installed, which utilize the factory back box and valves.

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With these new coupe’s being so rare to see, we knew we wanted to share this moment. Enjoy the additional images of these two beautiful beasts – SEEING DOUBLE: BMW G82 M4 GALLERY: