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Have you ever heard the saying, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?

Well that statement rings true in todays article, our third Customer Feature with Georgios from South Sydney. Not only is he one of our geographically furthest customers, but also one of our youngest. Young? You might think. Well, he’s only 23 and up to his third car. Now before you, ‘judge a book by it’s cover’, let’s us elaborate on the extremely full of life and hard-working Georgios (“G” in this article)

Georgios works in the family business, Atlantic Oils. You might know the brand as they’re a popular and proudly Australian owned company established in 1997. If you’ve been down to Sydney Motorsport Park you would have seen their logo on a race-car or even sponsoring the venue. G has worked with the business since leaving school, starting at the bottom and learning from every department. He now helps manage the day to day running of the business and likes to describe himself as the bringer of joy and motivation, which is generally brought through his intoxicating laugh and memory bank of jokes.


So you may think because of his work, then the love of cars was something handed down to him, but you’d be wrong. His love for cars is a self-inflicted affair which began back in 2015, just before he was old enough to obtain a license. Japanese cars spoke to him most and his eyes were set on the Toyota GT86. In perfect timing for his license, G pulled together the funds for his first ride and snapped an 86 up! It didn’t take long for the car to be modified, first some cosmetic upgrades  – LED Headlights and Taillights. But they were followed up with a full exhaust system, including headers.

About 1.5years passed and the GT86 began to lose some of its charm. It was a bit too small, with not enough space for friends or activities. The itch of performance had started as-well, dreams of TURBO power and sounds had taken over. With some money saved and an idea of which direction he wanted to go, Georgios began testing driving the Volkswagen Mk 7.5 Golf GTI. The additional space, power and over-all more solid feel really sold itself to G and his second car was purchased. This time modifications went a bit further, touching base on almost every aspect of Golf. Wheels, Coil-over Suspension, White-Line Sways, Turbo-back Exhaust, complete Suntek PPF and most of the APR catalogue.

The Golf slowly became Georgios’ very own Mona-Lisa. Cruising with friends and seeing new places with speed and comfort was life changing. G, now 20 years young was a due for his full licence in just a handful of months. Now to the normal person, that just means – full points, no restrictions and cheaper insurance. But for G this meant, time for unrestricted car and something a bit faster…


2.5 years ago the hunt began for his next car. Initially the rumble of a Inline-5 was on his mind, an Audi RS3, seemed to be the best upgrade for a Golf driver. It’s similar, but different – right? As things go, it turns out his car upgrade was going to be second priority to some bad news. G was sick, the kind of sickness that you have to fight… this car was going to be more than his next car, it was going to be his motivation to keep pushing, to win and heal.

Now spending a bit more time at home, G had time to research, finding himself on Youtube for hours – learning, understanding and going down the rabbit hole of video content. Slowly he became quite the RS3 expert, but YouTube being YouTube, it decided to show him a video from famous YouTuber, TJ HUNT and his Toyota A90 Supra. After one video, G was hooked. It was like the best of his first car and second car blended together into an overachieving package of curves and speed. Feeling the spark again, it was decided an A90 Supra was incoming.

G couldn’t sit still and actually found the right car interstate, 3 months before he even got his full license. He, ‘Just had to’, I’m sure you’ve all felt this same feeling before. So even before the Golf was sold and his license made full… a beautiful Goodwood Silver Supra found its home in the driveway.


Three long months passed, but the Supra did as it was meant too and became the beacon of motivation and distraction for G. The MK7.5 Golf was sold on, G’s health was on the way back up and now with a full unrestricted license – G could start driving the Supra! The once stationary distraction, now a piece of moving art. The only question was, how long until the modifications start?

Well for a young car enthusiast, a three month wait is already a long enough time to start collection parts and that’s exactly what G was doing. After just a handful of weeks the first round of modifications began,  then a month or two later – a secondary batch of modifications were complete. These were all completed closer to home for G, in a Western Sydney performance shop and all were going flowingly until the tuning of ethanol got involved.

Sadly, unkept promises from a tuner left G with a Supra that wasn’t running quite right and the once positive energy flowing through him and into everything he touched was slowly fading away. G went back to the one place he had found all the answers before, the internet. The internet led him to a pioneering workshop in Castle Hill who had already built and tuned multiple A90 Supra’s for road and track use. Needless to say, the shop he found was us and the rest is history… Georgios made a booking, dropped the car off and we did what we do best. After the addition of few missing pieces and a completely custom TUNE+ ECU TUNE, the Supra made: 98 Tune: 335 kw – 665 nm, E30 Tune: 362 kw – 725 nm & E50 Tune: 391 kw – 791 nm.

Georgio’s Supra Modification List:

Armytrix OEM Valve Catback Chrome Tips (Non-OPF)

VRSF Catless Downpipe

Eventuri Closed Carbon Air Intake

Upgraded Charge Pipes

ECU Bench Unlock

Front Brake Discs DBA T3 4000 Series Slotted

Rear Brake Discs DBA T2 Street Series Slotted

Endless MX72 Front Brake Pads

Endless MX72 Rear Brake Pads

Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs

Wheel Spacers

Goodridge Stainless Braided Brake Lines

Visconti Flex Fuel Kit

XHP Transmission Tune

NGK Spark Plugs

Custom ECU TUNE+ Stage 2 98 & E50 Tune Bootmod3

Verus AOS Kit

Verus Turbo Heat Shield

LSD Breather Kit

SEM1 Style Mirror Cap Gloss Black

SEV1 Style Wind Deflectors Gloss Black

Rexpeed Passenger Side Carbon Interior Badge

Rubber Floor Mats

GR Supra Door Lights

Genuine GR Supra Trunk Mat

UniCarScan 2100 Bluetooth OBD Connecter

MHD Wifi Adapter

Bimmercode App

Bimmerlink App

Custom LED Carbon Steering Wheel

Apple CarPlay

Ceramic Window Tint 20%

New Licence Plate Black/Silver “GR JET”

6000k White Licence Plate Lights

Blackvue 900x Plus 2ch

Carbon Fibre Spoiler  (Unknown)


I guess the silver lining is, today, the Supra has been with G for nearly 2.5 years and 30,000kms. It’s what we’d describe as OEM+, retaining much of the factory design but amplifying anything and everything related to performance and drive-ability. More importantly, Georgios’ health is back and in turn his smile is and positive approach to life is more prevalent than ever.

The Supra is mainly used for enjoyment, which consists mostly of an occasional drive to work or a weekend get-away, but most commonly a blast through the National Park. G actually mentioned he already has the next stage of parts accumulated, including a bigger Pure 800 Turbo, Wagner Tuning Intake Manifold, Mishimoto Radiator Kit, Heat Exchange & Transmission Cooler – but he doesn’t feel the urge to modify it further, just yet. Right now, he’s enjoying the 335rwkw to 391rwkw on tap. He’s humble in realising there’s quite a few more km’s to go before he has all that power harnessed. So why join the 500kw club… for now anyway.

From all of us at EUROWERKE, we’d want to thank Georgios for choosing us, we know when things are going wrong at another workshop – motivation to find someone else to fix the problem, let alone – trusting them to do so, can be very hard. Every time you’ve visited us your laugh has infected the whole team and reminded us why we love doing what we do.

Let’s finish things on a quote…

“It’s like driving a car at night. You never see further than your headlights will allow, but you can make the whole trip that way.” – E. L. Doctorow

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