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The colour blue often symbolises serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom, it can also be a calming colour and symbolise reliability. All these things are incredibly important within a family and maybe that’s why today we are writing about a collection of three blue cars, a husband – Tim, a wife – Corina and their baby girl Ariel.

To introduce Tim and Corina properly, they’ve been our customers of ours for just over a decade. Tim is in Sales and Corina is a Hairdresser. They are also geographically one of our furthest travelling customers, yet with all of life’s changes they still make the effort to choose Eurowerke for all their cars. When we asked them ‘Why?’, they put it simply – ‘Because Oscar and Ozzy treat us like family’.

Family is everything.

These are famous words spoken by character Dom Toretto in the movie franchise The Fast & Furious. He said it so many times that just the word ‘family’ has now become attached to him in pop-culture today. Because of this, family, a lot of the time is spoken about as-if it’s the glue between car enthusiasts. We either become car people because of family or find a family because of cars – either way. Family.

But first – let’s wind things back to 2014, back before Tim and Corina had a family and their only responsibility was working, falling in love, building and sharing their passion for cars.

It’s 2014.

The ice-bucket challenge is in full swing, and Tim was the owner of a tidy and very zippy, Volkswagen Polo GTI. It was manual, a two-door and finished in bright red. This was the car we met Tim with, coming into visit us at ‘Hills Eurohaus’ (our previous trading name) for a service and some preventative maintenance. At the time Tim had already gone ‘Stage 2’ with his Polo GTI. He had gone through a few different tuning shops in Sydney, but sadly for him, none of them fit the bill for a place he’d revisit or want to continue a relationship with long term.

When Tim first met Oscar and Ozzy for his first Log-book Service booking in the original Hills Eurohaus workshop, he was relieved to meet some similarly aged blokes who were obsessed with European cars and especially tuning. Back then we were already selling REVO and were leading the way when it came to Volkswagen tuning in Sydney. So much so that we had a promotional Volkswagen Golf R that ‘had everything’ done to it and already was running in the high 10’s at the quarter mile. Tim was very excited to see our Golf R car in person, he knew all about it!

With a simple gesture.

Oscar could tell just how much Tim liked our Golf R, so much so, that he offered that Tim & Corina take it as their loan car whilst his Polo GTI was getting serviced. You could only image their excitement. Tim and Corina were truly giddy, they jumped into the R and roared off down the road. In the car they spoke about how much of a surprise it was to be in this ‘not so normal’ situation. To not only have enjoyed their initial visit at this new workshop but had given a hug to Oscar on way out (a stranger at the time) and took their 10-second Golf R as a ‘loan car’. They were in shock, but also over the moon.

The next morning, they returned Eurowerke (Hills Eurohaus at the time), the Polo GTI was ready, and the Golf R had left its impression. Tim knew now, he wanted a Golf. The search was on, the checklist was made and quite simple: Red, Mk6, GTI, Manual and Available NOW. It didn’t take long for the right car to be found, inspected and purchased.

Time for the fun to begin…

Cars were now a positive part of their lives. They had confidence to use, go, attend, do whatever they could with their GTI. As the months went on Corina slowly become more interested in joining in on the fun. But there was problem, she had never driven manual before. Tim stood up to the plate and taught her in the GTI! The first of many life-long memories made in that car.

As the months passed Tim planned with Oscar for what modifications will be completed on the GTI. It started with performance and the addition of a Scorpion Downpipe and Scorpion Cat-back Exhaust System, matched with a CTS Intake and a Stage 2 GIAC Tune. To help the car stop a pair of Porsche 986 brake callipers were added and to finish it all off a completely custom Leather Interior with Red Stitching was completed. The ‘cherry on top’ were a custom set of Rotiform KPS Wheels.

The GTI had become Tim’s baby. He absolutely loved all the changes and even today his GTI is the most heavily customised car he’s built and owned. It holds an extremely special place in his heart. It’s the one ‘he’d buy back – if he had the chance’. But we’re getting ahead of things, because right now in Tim and Corina’s car life was at a pivotal moment… The GTI was Tim’s ‘baby’, but the car-bug had officially bitten Corina and now wanted a car-baby for her own.

Being a bit Volkswagen ‘enthusiast’, the VW showroom was the first and potentially only destination for Corina to start her quest. When the weekend came, they jumped in the car and headed to the closest VW Showroom. On arrival a few cars caught Corina’s eye but there was one in the corner that shined brighter than others, it was a bright white Tiguan R-line. It had everything she needed, a bit more space and similar design queues to Tim’s Mk6 Golf GTI. Let’s just say, the salesman didn’t have to twist her arm. Later that week the deal was done – signed, sealed and delivered. The Tiguan R-line was hers.

One customer becomes two.

It didn’t take long for Corina to also upgrade her Tiguan. Once again speaking with Oscar to go over things, made and plan and decided on a CTS Downpipe, CTS Intake and Golf R Exhaust (off Oscar’s actual R!) and all brought together with a REVO Stage 2 Tune. Obviously over time Corina added some additional accessories and other finishing pieces but the foundation was not much soon after the car was purchased. Corina was hooked! But was this it – peak car enjoyment?

For at least a moment it was, both Tim and Corina had a ‘Stage 2’ Volkswagen that they absolutely cherished, and life was pretty darn great. But you know what they say, when things are good – something might just happen, and something did. The GTI began to consume an excess of oil, after a leak down test it was diagnosed to have failed piston rings. With the car being relatively new, a refreshed but still used engine was not cheap, and a brand-new engine was almost two thirds of the value of the car… It was decision time.

Decision time.

Tim had two ways to go – he could spend the large amount of money required to fix the problem or he could sadly sell his baby (in its current condition) and move on… the unfortunate reality was, money doesn’t grow on trees and the best option was to sell it and move on. Luckily for Tim during this time he got to experience Eurowerke’s newest promotional vehicle, a brand-new and tuned up Audi RS3. Tim at the time already a crush on the new Audi S3. So, driving the RS3, he absolutely loved it – it to him was the right step away from Volkswagen, but still possessing all the things he loved about them in the first place.

This is where a car that is still in their ownership enters the chat, the Audi S3 in Sepang Blue. As things went down in the past, it was only a matter of weeks before Tim brought his new S3 in for some Performance Upgrades and Modifications. As always speaking with Oscar they formulated a plan, and the following was fitted. First performance was touched on with the addition of a I.E Downpipe and CTS Intake. These were brought to life with a REVO Stage 2 ECU Tune and TCU Tune. To bring the suspension and over-all feel of the S3 to the next level a set of KW v2 Coilover Suspension was fitted and dialled in. It all finished off with a slight custom exhaust modification – retaining most of the standard cat-back.

Motoring at its finest.

Many months and years went on with their two-car garage being the Tiguan R-line and the S3. They were the perfect match. Different enough that they served different purposes but similar enough that they just looked great together. But as things do, sometimes things need to be moved on and to make way for something new – and it was Corina’s turn.

Life was progressing further, in all the right ways and the want for a something European but a bit sportier, lower to the ground, still full of space and with an interior to match or better the S3. The list of wants seemed to really filter things down and there were only a few cars that ended up meeting the brief. With a connection for Volkswagen still close to Corina’s heart she put the few VW options at the top of the shopping list and organised to go past the dealership. Back to the showroom they went, where this time things were a lot more modern; things had really moved on for Volkswagen. Every model she was interested in had amazing new LED lights, beautiful ambient lit interiors and gorgeous leather trims with almost custom stitching. WOW. But the car that drew her in most was the new PASSAT wagon – the R-line.

Let’s go blue?

There really was one thing that had grew on them both since getting the S3, it was the colour – blue. And it just so happens that Volkswagen has an ‘R’ blue which is loved world-wide and often proclaimed as the best blue. It had to be that! So as quickly as she made the Tiguan her own, it was traded in and the Passat R-line in Lapiz Blue with a Black leather and suede combination interior, it was all hers!

Now with two blue cars in the garage, Corina still had the itch… but this time not for a car-baby, but a real one. Time to start building their family, with that and 9 months in the oven – their beautiful baby girl Ariel was born. Now things have changed a bit for the couple, less random drives and car events but still enough that even their baby girl is slowly becoming a car enthusiast. She also has her own Audi… an R8! (Not blue, but pink.)

Time for a change

Now with a young family Tim has been looking at upgrading his S3, by looking we mean he has already chatted with Oscar and purchased a near new BMW G20 330i, and you guessed it… in stunning blue. The plan was to move the S3 on, but right now a three-car garage has only been beneficial. It’s been a couple weeks with the new 330i, but Tim is loving the dynamic difference between what he has experienced and what he has now. He’s also racked up 2000kms in such a short time and the itch to modify is becoming unbearable…

So once again, like he has many times over the last decade – he is in conversation with Oscar making plans for his BMW G20 330i and its first batch of Performance Upgrades and Modifications. When we asked, ‘Don’t you think you should wait and focus on the baby’, he jokingly replied, ‘I’m doing this for baby, this is a huge part of our story, and we hope it will be a part of hers too’. So maybe… two customers might become three in another decade or so!

Notably Tim mentioned to us, he’s completed 90,000 TUNED kilometres in his ownership thus far with the S3 and not one problem. The Tiguan was tuned and did similarly kilometres over 6 years. As Tim kindly said, ‘Both are testaments to the reliability of the cars and Eurowerke’s tuning capabilities.


Over the last decade we have had thousands of customers come through our Werke-shop but only a few have impacted our lives as positively and consistently as Tim & Corina. We can’t thank them enough for not letting the 50kms of distance, Sydney traffic and life’s changes alter their commitment to choosing Eurowerke. Congratulations on your wedding, first born Ariel and all life’s little wins. Thank-you for everything!

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Final Quote

This time we’re not leaving things on a quote, but a quote from Tim during this interview and chat, ‘It’s always a big day to get the cars out to castle hill for any servicing or work, but the boys treat us like family, they always have! It’s not just ‘good service’, it’s the extra things like fitting us in last minute and giving us one of Oscar’s personal cars to make sure we stay mobile. And if there are no loaners, Oscar or one of the boys will always take Corina to the shops in her own car so she can have Ariel with her and not have to arrange her to be looked after. They even recently fit me in to have the BMW 330i inspected on a day’s notice, before I agreed to buy. The bottom line is, even if the price was higher (which it never is) I would still be a customer for life.’

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