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Something so cool about seeing 3 of the same make and model in slightly different shades of the same colour.

It becomes even cooler when the make and model is the brand BMW M3 Competition Touring (G81)!

Why were there 3?

Quite simply, one was getting picked up after having lowering springs and a Gruppe M intake fitted. One is our current project car (Grimace!) and he’s always at Werke. The last was a friend dropping to see the workshop and show us a new set of wheels he is making.

So, what are the colours?

On the left:

We have our very own, Grimace in Techno Violet, which is a warmer mid-tone purple. Made famous on the BMW e36 M3 back in the 90’s.

In the middle:

We have Venetian Violet, which is the darkest purple tone of the three. Almost black at night and unmistakably purple in the day. Can’t wait to see this particular G81 M3 Competition on his new wheels (pictured in gallery below).

On the right:

We have Ed and his shade of purple, Twilight. Twilight Purple is the brightest and richest of the three. The words, ‘it POPS!’ comes to mind.

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Workshop Moment: 3 x Purple G81 M3 Competition Tourings – Picture Gallery: