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Let it begin! ‘Grimace’ our Techno Violet BMW G81 M3 Competition Project Car is a go and we’ve been hard at Werke with it.

It’s technically not a stage 1, we’ve jumped that base and gone straight for 2nd -Stage 2. With such good relationships with our Performance Modification part suppliers, we’ve chosen to once again work with some of the same amazing performance brands as we’ve had such good experience with in the past. These  include: O-Spec, NGK, Femto, ProTuningFreaks, xHP, Eibach and TUNE+.

The current modification and upgrade list includes:

O-SPEC Forward Facing Air Intake, O-SPEC Downpipe, O-SPEC Midpipe, O-SPEC Yellow DRL LED, NGK Spark Plugs, FEMTO ECU Unlock, ProTuningFreaks Flex Kit, TUNE+ Custom Flex Tune (Tuned on E50), XHP Transmission Tune, Eibach Lowering Springs, BMW 1000M Wheel (20” & 21” Staggered) and BMW Wheel Spacers.

With the first round of modifications complete – it is now tune time! This is where Tune+ comes into play and our Dynapack Hub Dyno. After multiple runs Grimace was singing with the new upgrades. Power increased to a huge 548RWKW @ 6091RPM and 1017NM @ 3759RPM.

Our first chance to hit the track in this state of tune was April 21st, 2024, taking part at the Roll Racing ‘Euro Day’ event at Sydney Motorsport Park with a handful of our customers. It was a great opportunity to see how the chassis and street tyres would handle such vast improvements from factory. As expected, it just HOOKED. The X-DRIVE system really amplifying the low-end acceleration, where a rear wheel drive would have wheel span on such a low tyre profile. The day went with-out a hiccup, Grimace even able to race our past F80 M3 Eurowerke Car. You can read more about Roll Racing ‘Euro Day’ HERE.

The following weekend we had our first Cars and Coffee event.

It was an amazing way to start the day and catch-up with a devoted bunch of our customers. (If you missed out – join our monthly newsletter to receive information about upcoming events – HERE). For Grimace it was just the warmup before heading to Sydney Dragway for his first true Test & Tune event.

You can read more about our first Cars & Coffee HERE.

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With our coffee finished, a small group of us convoyed from Sydney Olympic Park to Sydney Dragway – Finally time for our first X-Drive launches.

In our next article we will go over the happenings at our first Test & Tune event. Go through each of the runs, changes and improvements made.

If you’d like to learn more about BMW G8X M3 & M4 tuning before then, please feel free to hit “TEXT US” on the bottom right corner of your screen or call us directly on: (02) 9899 6618 or SMS 0488847155