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We have been looking forward for this day for quite some-time. It feels like forever since we hit the track and roll racing must be one of our favourite ways to do it.

It’s quick, simple and almost feels like you’re doing it on the street (something we don’t condone of course!). We promote taking things off the public roads and always heading straight for the track. It’s safer and more controlled, in-turn allowing for much more fun!

This event is one that brings together a lot of the European Car Community, both owner-drivers and specialist workshops. It allows us to go head-to-head and see just who is fastest. At the end of the day, is there any simpler way of measuring a cars performance than a straight line pull.

We brought out our two promotion vehicles, our project cars. Our current project ‘Grimace’ the G81 M3 Comp and ‘Old Blue’ our past project F80 M3. Grimace was in a relatively street-tune and Old Blue recently returned much closer to stock meant for similar performance. Along with our two cars, a handful of customers were also hitting the track. Thony in his M2 [MRATED], Moey in his M4 [MANIAC], Jason in the Detail Autohaus F80 M3 and David in his Safety Yellow F80 M3. Most were there for fun, but MANIAC, OLD BLUE and GRIMACE were there to race!

Our first line up was, Grimace vs Old Blue. Brother vs Brother. New vs Old.

This one was for the bragging rights. Unfortunately for Old Blue but Grimace’s X-Drive system absolutely propelled it from the rolling start and even with low profile tyres Grimace was car lengths ahead before Old Blue could even grab traction. On the top end you could see the cars were more similarly matched, but by then it was all over, and GRIMACE took the WIN! (Oscar got bragging rights!).

After our Eurowerke VS Eurowerke run it was time to race some other just-for-fun rivals.

Old Blue took on another F80 and reminded everyone why he was once Australia’s fastest.

Then two of Australia’s most highly modified F8X cars then lined up.

Maniac (F82) vs Mean (F80). Mean getting the start, but Maniac managed to reel him in for the win. Grimace went on to win, win, win – taking it all the way to semi-finals.

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All in all, it was one of those perfect afternoons at Sydney Motorsport Park. Something about the way the sun sets there, and the main straight fills with a golden glow. It may have helped that we were quite successful on the day, but days like this is why we love doing it.

Feature Video:
Eurowerke @ Euro-Day Roll Racing Sydney

Feature Video:
Grimace vs Audi RS6 @ Euro-Day Roll Racing Sydney