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It’s a goal of ours this year to share some of the amazing personalities, cars and stories behind our customers and community. We aim on showing you why so many call EUROWERKE their cars’ home away from home and the reasons that brought them to us and kept with us. In saying this we wanted our first customer-spotlight to be with, Thony.


Thony’s a Bicycle Technician, a career he loves and has been in his whole adult life. He loves working with his hands and being focused towards the fine tuning of mechanical parts to perfect synchrony. As a youth he started riding BMX, but now rides Mountain Bikes. The only passion Thony has aside from bicycles, is cars, and that’s the story we’re here to share today.


It all started with a Lexus IS200 at the age of 17, a car he liked – but never truly loved. Years passed and it was a reliable ride, but at 22 years young the bug for speed and performance bit. Thony knew he wanted rear wheel drive and something that felt, solid and well built. Learning as much as he could online, but craving to see, touch and feel. Thony ended up walking straight into a BMW dealership, his eyes were set on the new 135i. The all-new small performance car BMW’s amazing straight six, but with a TURBO, exactly what Thony was after.

With-out a twist of his arm, he bought a BMW 135i (brand-new at 22!) that day and who can blame him? Back then the 135i was a Goliath of a car. Not much on the street would keep up with it, let alone beat it. It wasn’t long until the modifications began, but unluckily for Thony – they started at another independent specialist which in the end, burnt Thony. Discouraged and unmotivated, this was a low point in his car memories.


In 2012 he decided to have one more try with upgrading his 135i, he found our shop online, made a booking and the rest is history! 12 years ago was the first time Thony came through our service centre doors and needless to say, we helped him regain the confidence, love and motivation to keep tuning and keep enjoying his 135i. Not scared anymore and now running immaculately, Thony ended up keeping his 135i for a total of 11 years.

About 4.5 years ago, disaster struck in the form of a hit and run. Thony’s pride and joy was hit when parked and almost written off. Insurance took charge of the mess and repairs began. What was first estimated to be a couple of weeks, became months and with time he grew restless being without his car or any clue when it may be complete. One morning Thony had enough and he went to visit the BMW dealership for a second time and I’m sure you can guess the outcome…

Thony tired of waiting, solved his problems and got himself quite the upgrade, now the proud owner of a BMW M2 Competition. With a smile back on his face, Thony eventually received the news, his 135i was fixed and ready for sale. Sold as quickly as the news came to him allowed him to move complete focus onto the M2 Competition.

His goals were simple, staying true to his favourite quote, ‘Learn from your mistakes and make those corrections.’ What did that mean for the M2? It meant the focus would be put on stability, traction and overall impact. Thony wanted to build an M2 Comp which would satisfy daily needs, snap necks at the coffee shop and absolutely demolish an autocross track or short-course.



Fast forwarding 4.5 years to now, what has Thony completed to the M2? Well he’s said, “I believe the build is finished, but you never know”. Going into the part-list is already quite extensive…

Cosmetically he wanted to make small aero upgrades, these were executed with the addition of: Carbon Fibre Front Lip, Winglets, Rear Diffuser & Mud-flaps. Along with the carbon fibre he opted for an aftermarket aluminium m-performance bonnet and had his roof painted gloss black. The smaller accessories fitted that make a huge impact were factory BMW M2CSR Racing Lower Mesh for both the centre radiator and left & right coolers.


To get the stance and turn-in right, a set of Rays Engineering G025 wheels were fitted and wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sports with the end fitment being millimetre perfect. Behind the JDM wheels you will see custom yellow brake calipers and the stock 400mm brake rotors. The suspension is turned to 10 with a set of KW V3 Coilovers and H&R sway bars front and rear.

Finally the air flow was increased with a BMC drop-in air filter and reliability increased with Gintani’s one piece crank-hub kit. To let the car breathe out a bit better an Active Autowerkes single mid-pipe was fitted and then tuned by us with a Tune+ Custom ECU Tune and xHP TCU tune. The last piece was another OEM upgrade, being a genuine Alcantara steering wheel.



Thony’s most favourable memory with the M2 Competition, thus far,  involves an car-cruise with the M2 Owners Club of Sydney. A group of about 30 M2’s got lost and split for the convoy leaving a few to panic. Lucky for them Thony took the lead and spiritedly (quickly!) led the group back to the right road. He reminisces over the amazing memory of seeing a train of M2 headlights in his rear vision mirror, dancing from left to right and right to left.

If we repeat one number, let it be 12, as 12 years is something to recognise and be proud of. We can’t thank Thony enough for choosing us all those years ago and to continue to do so today. Just think 12 years is double the length of high school and enough time for a child to become a teenager. Thony has shared his BMW ownership experience with us since before Tik-Tok, before MH370 and before the whole world decided an ice-bucket challenge was the challenge we all needed.

Today, he’s our first customer in the spotlight. We can’t thank him enough for the years of commitment and we can’t wait for you all to meet him (and each other) at our very own EUROWERKE events later in the year. If you’d like to receive email notifications about social and driving events, please subscribe to our newsletter here.

We’ll finish on Thony’s favourite quote, “Stay respectful and humble, and NEVER take advantage of others.”

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