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Waking up early on a Sunday isn’t meant to be fun, but last Sunday wasn’t your normal type of Sunday – it was the Sunday for our very first (ever!) social event, Eurowerke’s Cars & Coffee at Waterview Café, Bicentennial Park.

We were nervous to say to the least, who wouldn’t be? We knew our community of customers, contractors and car clubs all love cars – but do they love them enough to wake up early on a Sunday to share a coffee with us and each other? We just didn’t know.


First to arrive and just shy of 7:00am were the men behind it all, Oscar and Ozzy. Oscar in ‘Grimace’ our current project car and Ozzy in ‘Old Blue’ our past project car. They were parked front and centre as a beacon for others to join.

At this point in the morning the Waterview Café staff were warming up their machines and filling the carpark with an intoxicating smell of fresh coffee. The whole park was alive with the sound of many Australian native birds, like a song like they sang away beautifully. The start-time for our event was 7:30am and as the minutes went past our nerves grew, it got to 7:15am and no-one else had arrived. Then suddenly the faint sound of a performance car could be heard entering the park. The first attendees to arrive came in a duo, a Porsche GT2RS and Porsche 993 Targa. Relief. If a GT2RS made it out, surely others would too?


The flood gates opened after the two Porsches. It seemed like another group was entering the carpark every few minutes. Sergio, one of the newest members to our team was there to greet each single person and then pass on directions to the best parking spot available. He’s also the one who took these photos, video and wrote this article. Things were finally in full swing; the first carpark was filled and now onto the second. The multiple car parks were starting to resemble our Werke-shop; BMW M with a sprinkle of everything else!

As the morning progressed, both carparks were full, and we had to start double parking. We counted 71 cars in total, with most cars having two passengers – there was quite a few of us there in attendance. But with so many there, there was three we had planned something a little special for…


These three were Thony, Jason and Georgios. Three customers we had recently completed a customer feature article on, and to thank them we had a surprise gift planned. Oscar and Ozzy took lead marching over with wrapped presents in hand, the three gents un-wrapped them together and to their surprise an A2 picture frame with a stand-out shot from their shoot was within. It was like watching grown men turn into kids on Christmas morning again – two of them even teared up!

After the ‘gift-ceremony’, time had begun to move fast, and we were due to finish things up. The park began to fill with the public and the serenity of having the park all to us was coming to an end. We wished all who attended the very best, and just like that – before their Sunday had even gotten started – our part was already done. Nothing sweeter than an Easy Sunday Morning.

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For the small crew of Eurowerke staff at the event, this was just the start of a long day of testing as the next stop was Sydney Dragway with our project car, ‘GRIMACE’ the BMW G81 M3 Comp. The goal was to socialise at sunrise and run 9’s by sunset. See how we went here.

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