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Have you ever heard that saying? It’s from Ernie Banks and well it for this article – it rings true.

The Hills is one of Sydney’s Shires. It’s a little city within a city and most who live here don’t really need to leave. The community within Castle Hill is one of the main reasons we love being in business here so much. People around here, help each other and that is the case with our customer and most recent feature, Josh. He’s another castle hill local and small business owner.

He’s the second generation of family owned and ran franchise, Carpet Court (Castle Hill). In 1994, thirty years ago his father Bob opened the business. In 1997 Josh started working full-time for his dad. In 2009 Josh bought the business and hasn’t looked back. Over these 30 years there has been ups and downs, but with it all, josh has built a life for himself and his family.


Now Josh isn’t your average car enthusiast, you won’t hear him ever talking about car-parts or modifications. What Josh likes is a thrill. He likes the feeling you get in your gut when that pedal hits the floor and the car, you’re in feels like its shape-shifted into spaceship heading down a black-hole. In other words, it’s just for the thrills.

So, when did this thrill become a thing for Josh? He can always remember liking cars, at least knowing which one he liked and for the thrills, well no matter the car he always enjoyed the feeling of pedal to the metal (when appropriate of course). Though he admits, it all evolved around 7 years ago when he bought an Audi RS3 new.


This was about the same time we met Josh. He came in, just wanting to ‘ask a question’ about a down-pipes and a tune. At that time, we had a Eurowerke RS3 ‘promotion car’; we were using it to test and tune a whole range of Revo, Wagner Tuning and Tune+ products. After going for quick test drive around the block, Josh had seen the light. Suddenly his new car warranty wasn’t so important and the thrills he just felt had become a necessity. The decision was made somewhat replicate our promotional vehicle, which meant it was time to complete some Performance Modifications and ECU Tuning to a Stage 2 level.

Under the bonnet a Wagner Tuning Intercooler & Downpipe were priorities, along with a Revo Intake Elbow and Carbon Fibre Intake. To maximise the proficiency of these products the RS3 also got a Tune+ Custom ECU Tune and DSG Tune. To improve the stance and handling a set of Eibach lowering springs were also added. The finishing touches were some blacked out badges and a few misc. cosmetic bits and pieces. Josh’s RS3 made a huge 320awkw and during his 5 years of ownership, it never saw a problem or made him regret doing such upgrades whilst still under warranty.


Towards the end of Josh’s stint with his Audi RS3 there was a pinnacle moment which in turn opened the door to his next car. Driving home one night he saw a set of BMW DRL’s in his rear vision mirror, the silhouette of the car was larger than an M2 or M3. He could see the BMW’s headlights jumping up and down, obviously the driver wanted to get somewhere quickly. Moving into the left lane the BMW pulls up beside him and to Josh’s surprise it was BMW X3. This car sounded loud though, not a diesel. As they slowed down to stop at a traffic light, Josh noticed the large brakes and an X3M side grill – this is interesting. The driver of the BMW gives a thumbs up and the lights go green.

Moments later the X3M was looking more like an X1 in Josh’s side mirror. You’d think that would be the end of the story, but Josh was really surprised how well it kept up. Stopping at the next lights, both drivers put their windows down and started to chat. Compliments were thrown, but one small detail stuck with Josh. “It’s stock”. This statement was enough for Josh to call Oscar and ask him his opinion on the BMW X3M Competition.

Lucky for Josh this was around the same time we had just taken delivery of our new Eurowerke Tune & Tune Promotional Vehicle, Grimace our BMW G81 M3 Competition. Funnily enough, both the X3M and G8X M3 & M4 have the same power plant, the S58. Oscar and Ozzy were absolutely loving the performance and tuning capabilities of the platform and expressed a few customers had already brought in X3M’s for some basic performance modifications. Later in the week Josh dropped past the shop and Oscar took him for a drive our the S58 powered machine. This was surprisingly the first time Josh had ever been in a BMW, suddenly all the 90’s ads about BMW being the ultimate driving machine rang true. Josh was a bit sceptical that the X3M would drive the same, but Oscar assured him the one thing BMW always does right is the driving capabilities and feel. Few weeks later the Audi RS3 was sold, and a BMW X3M Competition was purchased.


Josh secured himself a pretty timeless specification; Donington Grey metallic over black with contrast white stitching. It also had the optional panoramic roof and 21inch diamond cut wheels. When we asked josh, why this spec? “He laughed and said it’s looks the best and also subtle enough to really go under the radar as a sleeper.

It also didn’t take long for Josh once again complete some performance upgrades, opting for a similar recipe to the past: O-SPEC Downpipe, O-SPEC Midpipe, xHP TCU Tune, K&N Drop-in Filters and a Tune+ Custom ECU Tune making for a ridiculously peppy 430rwkw, which works out around 400 all-wheel kilowatts. Not bad!

Some time has passed, and Josh has really fallen in love with his X3M Comp. “It’s just the perfect size!” He mentioned to us. “It fits all the kids comfortably and can do all the mundane day to day errands… yet still absolutely rip basically any car that rolls up to it. It would take a very special car to pull away from this thing!”. During our shoot, Josh’s excitement was really intoxicating. He’s got a way at looking at things which always reinforces the positive.

There are some future-plans for the car, but Josh is just waiting on some S58 products to be more thoroughly tested by our EUROWERKE team before fitting them to his X3M. The goal to be faster than our G81 M3 “Grimace” … well at least he hopes! For now, the immediate goal is to continue racking the kms up and enjoy the occasional spurt of speed and high octane.

Just recently pulling up alongside a Porsche GT4 and absolutely leaving it in the dust. All fun and games of course, both he and the Porsche owner were laughing and complimenting each other’s cars after a few spirited traffic light dashes. The bottom line is, Josh really enjoys that his car is somewhat of a sleeper and being so, he can create so many great memories surprising other enthusiastic drivers and going under the radar with the rest.

If he had any advice for a perspective X3M Competition buyer, it would be, “Get the car inspected by Eurowerke first. These cars can get moving quickly, so you’d want to check the engine are a-ok and that it’s never been in an accident.

As always, let’s end this with Josh’s favourite quote,

“Nothing cheap is good and nothing good is cheap”.


Josh has also had his company 2018 Volkswagen Caddy Revo tuned along with his wife’s BMW G05 X5 3.0d tuned with a custom Tune+ ECU tune. He really can’t get enough!

On behalf of Oscar, Ozzy and the team at Eurowerke. We thank you Josh for sharing your story and choosing us for all these years. We look forward to the future and memories of drives together.

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