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At Eurowerke we believe the people are a lot of the reason our business is where it is today, and we want to showcase it! Our team are always hard-at-Werke; whether it be an Inspection, Logbook Service, Repairs or Maintenance, Performance Upgrades & Modifications, or crowd favourite Custom ECU Tuning.

Now these 10 moments may not be the most technical or even special, but they are real and showcase our amazing team doing what they do best:


Ozzy – On the hunt for the perfect tune on a beautiful modern classic BMW E36 M3.


Andy & Omer – Andy working on the cooling system of a Golf GTI and Omer fitting O-SPEC Forward Facing Air Intakes to a BMW M3 Competition Touring (G81).


Jordan – Comparing the standard intercooler to the now fitted and upgraded Wagner Tuning intercooler on a Ford Focus RS.


Shawn – Installing a new head onto a Mercedes A250, double checking torques and ensuring this common fault with A250 and A35 is now remedied. (learn more)


Justin – Cheeky Justin showing off his favourite tool in the toolbox, his hammer.

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Ryan – Completing the final checks on Charlie’s 10-second Golf R.


Ryan – Working on the other red VW in the last photo, a very rare late model Beetle.


Oscar & Ozzy – Holding a laugh in as per usual.


Peter – At the service counter ready for his next job, always smiling.


Arthur – Inspecting an exposed head and creating a plan for what’s next.

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Joining the EuroWerke team is an exciting opportunity for anyone who is passionate about high-performance vehicles and committed to providing exceptional service to customers. EuroWerke is a leading automotive repair and customization shop that specializes in European cars, and its team of mechanics is widely respected for their expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to delivering outstanding results.

As a member of the EuroWerke team, you will have the chance to work on some of the most exclusive and prestigious cars in the world. You will collaborate with a group of talented and experienced professionals who share your passion for automotive excellence and who are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the industry.

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