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Eurowerke Stage 2 Performance Kit for BMW S55 (F8X) M3/M4 & M2 COMPETITION is our track level package to best bring your BMW S55 alive.

The package incorporates five main improvement modifications, a TUNE+ ECU Tune, a XHP Transmission Flash, NGK Spark Plugs, O-SPEC Down-pipe & an O-SPEC Intake. These five elements combined will increase air flow going in, air flow exiting the turbo, more aggressive sound, power, whilst still being efficient with better overall drive-ability.

Note: If you’re after a bit more, Stage 2+, are optional extras which can be purchased individually or as a combination allowing for further tune-ability, sound and power.

Eurowerke ‘Stage 2 Performance Kit’ for BMW S55 (F8X) M3, M4 & M2 Competition – INCLUDES:

1. TUNE+ ECU Tune:

TUNE PLUS: Tune+ was born due to a lack of custom tuners available locally in Australia to support late model BMW models. Frustrated with relying on US & other overseas tuners, we decided Australia needed a local tuner to get these cars moving! Our knowledge in BMW Tuning then lead us down the path of locally developing tunes for AMG, Audi, VW, Range Rover, Toyota Supra & many other models.

2. xHP TCU Tune

xHP TRANSMISSION Tune: xHP Flashtool is the worldwide #1 tuning app for ZF6HP, ZF8HP automatic or 7-Speed DCT transmission in your BMW. xHP provides you with the power to fully customise your automatic transmission and offers a range of OTS tuning maps.

3. NGK Spark Plugs

To give your S55 the additional spark it will require we make use of NGK iridium spark plugs. The electrode material for NGK spark plugs has a high melting point. They have a better performance and provide a more complete combustion.

4. O-SPEC Downpipe

O-SPEC Down-Pipe: O-SPEC is an Australian owned brand that offers a lifetime warranty on all their products. Each product is tested rigorously before ever reaching the consumer. Made from Stainless Steel 304 and tig-welded. These are a direct replacement for your factory down-pipes.

5. K&N Drop-in Air Filter

K&N Drop-in Air Filters are state-of-the-art air filter media is designed to increase horsepower and acceleration as well as improve overall engine performance. They are manufactured with durable, premium materials and state-of-the-art construction methods to last a lifetime. Constructed with multiple layers of premium cotton gauze treated with a specially-designed tacking agent work together to create an intricate mesh of engine filter media that is designed to block and trap harmful contaminants. Maintenance wise these engine air filter only need cleaning every 120,000kms under normal highway driving conditions.

6. PROTUNING BM3 License

The ProTuningFreaks BM3 License allows the end user to be able to store, flash and edit things like anti lag, burbles, throttle sensitivity and boost by gear. Additionally the BOOTMOD3 BM3 can be purchased separately allowing the user to connect a smart-phone and do it all on the fly.

Eurowerke ‘Stage 2+ Optional Extras’ for BMW S55 (F8X) M3, M4 & M2 Competition:

1. O-SPEC Midpipe:

O-SPEC Mid-Pipe: O-SPEC’s mid-pipe for the S55 is designed to eliminate the problem of different length downpipes and create an equal length, improving the sound and performance. The equal length mid-pipe is TIG welded Stainless Steel 304 and are a direct replacement for factory mid-pipe but may require some cutting of factory rear muffler.

2. BM3 Flex Sensor Kit

BM3 Flex Sensor Kit: The Bootmod3 kit is entirely plug and play with the factory vehicle harness. No cutting, splicing or de-pinning OEM wiring/connectors. Their team used SolidWorks to design a Flow Optimised Flex Fuel Sensor Adapter (FFSA) to ensure fuel flow is unobstructed and with no added pressure drop at full fuel pump flow from the fuel tank to your motor when our kit is installed. This is important when pushing the factory fuel system with all the power Ethanol can provide over petrol! The flex fuel sensor housing is designed to neatly install into the factory BMW fuel hat location. It features top of the line fuel hose manufactured and pressure tested in house by industry leaders in fuel line components, XRP. Flex Fuel Sensor Adapter also contains two 1/8 NPT ports that allow installation of an auxiliary Fuel Pressure sensor for vehicles that don’t come with an OEM one from the factory for future use. Depending on fitment, either port can be used. Install the BM3 Flex Fuel Plug and Play Kit and flash your flex fuel enabled BM3 OTS MultiMap or Custom Map in minutes and you’re off to the races never worrying about alcohol/petrol blend % in your fuel tank

Note: There is an additional charge for Flex / E85 Tuning Map. To obtain power figures shown below (431rwkw graph) – you will be required to run true E85.

3. O-SPEC Forward Facing Air Intake*

O-SPEC Forward Facing Air Intake: O-Spec’s forward facing air intake is designed to remove the restrictive OEM intake. It’s a complete 3.5” inch high-flow design with twin air filters and weather covers. These kits are available in Gloss Black or Matte Black ducting and three options of colour for air filter being, Red, Blue & Black. Cutting of factory plastic trims is required but is minimal.

Note: Availability is limited. 

Power increase from the Eurowerke ‘Stage 2 Performance Kit’ for BMW S55 (F8X) M3, M4 & M2 Competition:

Standard the BMW S55 makes 289rwkw and 542nm or torque. As you can see from the Stage 2 Dyno Graph above, power has increased substantially – most importantly comparing it to our Stage 1 Kit the power and torque come in much sooner and much harder with an increase of power over stage 1, but essentially the biggest improvement is the more usably power through out the rev range. Peak power has been raised to 378rwkw @ 5560rpm and 788nm @ 3736rpm. Reliability and drivability remains the same as factory, just with the power to reach the horizon that little quicker.

Power increases from the Eurowerke ‘Stage 2+ Performance Kit’ for BMW S55:


The dyno graph above is the same vehicle with addition of the BM3 Flex Sensor Kit and a Tune+ Custom Flex Tune. Power is up immensely with 431rwkw @ 5445rpm (an additional 53rwkw over the standard Stage 2 Package) and 874nm @ 3550rpm (an additional 86nm at the tyre over the standard Stage 2 Package). This is only achievable with a custom Tune+ E85 map.

Eurowerke ‘Stage 2 Performance Kit’ for BMW S55 (F8X) M3, M4 & M2 Competition – POWER:

378rwkw @ 5448rpm

788nm @ 4634rpm

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to increase your fun levels (and power levels!) then this O-SPEC’S Stage 2 Performance Kit for BMW S55 (F8X) M3/M4 & M2 COMPETITION may be the right upgrade for you!

Eurowerke ‘Stage 2 Performance Kit’ for BMW S55 (F8X) M3, M4 & M2 Competition – PRICE:

$4,195.00 (AUD)

Optional Extras:

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