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There’s a lot of confusion out there regarding the factual comparison  between a Chassis Dyno and Hub Dyno. This video from Andrew (Motive DVD) and Todd (Mainline Dyno) really sums it up perfectly. Props to the team who put it together and to Todd whom can simplify his 20 years of knowledge so clearly that we can all understand.

“While at PRI Show 2019 we caught up with Todd Lewis to talk about Roller vs Hub dyno, and what variables can change the numbers when comparing between them. This also leads to talking about fudging numbers on dynos too, and how you can manipulate the dyno. The Mainline roller and hub dyno use essentially the same retarders and software, the only difference being the attachement to a hub or rollers, so can be compared “apples with apples”. Todd has been designing, testing and building dynos for almost 20 years and has been involved with national elver dyno competitions, as well as installed and trained countless top level workshops.” – Motive DVD 

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