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Getting your European car serviced can be quite the anxious experience. At times it can leave you feeling left out in the dark, or even manipulated into unwanted additional work. Our goal is to eliminate these feelings and make servicing your European car as effortless, transparent and cost efficient as possible.

We approach things different to most, digitally, by first checking your car in with detailed photographs; not only showing its current condition but all the work to be completed and any other potential unknown faults or damage. These images and reports are communicated back to you, allowing for all work to confirmed of denied. Here and here only is when a final job card created, parts order and sleeves rolled up to get busy. When the work is complete, we detail the engine bay and update the photos and reports. Once again this is relayed back to you, along with an invitation to come pick up your completed car.

Our fine tuned 5 STEP EURO\\WERKE European car SERVICE:

1. Drop-Off

Dropping off your European car for a service shouldn’t be daunting. With EURO\\WERKE it’s as seamless as possible. During the initial booking we will confirm a time for drop off and whether or not you’ll need a loan car or a local transfer. We get everything ready so that when you arrive it’s all organised and waiting. On arrival head straight into reception where you’ll meet with one of our Service Managers who will receive your keys, answer any last moment questions or requests and escort you to your transfer or loan car.

2. Assigned & Checked-In

From there our Service Manager will assign your European car to one of our Master Technicians who will move it into the workshop and begin our digital check in process. The process involves inspecting the complete car, taking photos of every inch with notes to best describe the current condition of the vehicle. Once all the photos have been taken and uploaded onto your cars personal digital profile, it was sent back to our service manager for the next step.

3. Condition Report, Quote Building & Approval

Now that your car has been checked in and documented, we can construct a condition report and final quote for your approval. The report will cover the work that needs immediate attention and even the smaller things that could wait for next time. To help make your decision we’ll send your photos with points of attention highlighted to make it all as simple as possible. Whether it’s a small oil leak or decomposing hidden rubber bushings, we will ensure you have a photo and guidance on what next step is best.

4. Work & Wash

Once you’re happy and given your approval for the work, the parts required will be ordered, if not already in stock. The work will be taken on by the very same Master Technician who initially was assigned your European car. Through-out the service any and all new found faults will be photographed and communicated back to you. As your European car service comes to completion, the final step for our workshop is a quick stop in our engine detailing bay. This is where we clean your power-plant back to OEM specification giving the best canvas for potential faults or leaks to show themselves in the future. From here the car is given to the most experienced hands in our workshop for it’s final test.

5. Road Test, Profile Update & Ready For Pick-Up

A quick road test and visual inspection marks the completion of your European car service. Your cars profile is updated, communicated back to you and is ready for pick up. At pick-up we’ll inform you of all happenings, along with upcoming Euro\\Werke events and when we should see you and your European car next.

If you’re still asking yourself, why choose Eurowerke Logbook Servicing for your European car?


Let us clarify the TOP 5 benefits to regular log-book servicing:

1. Improved Safety

Regular logbook servicing can help identify potential safety issues before they become a serious problem on the road.

Issues such as worn brakes, tyres, or suspension components can be detected early and addressed, helping to prevent accidents.

2. Increased Reliability

Following the manufacturer’s recommended logbook servicing schedule can help maintain the reliability and performance of your European vehicle.

Regular servicing can prevent break-downs and ensure that your European vehicle runs smoothly.

3. Maintain Warranty

Keeping up with logbook servicing can help maintain your vehicle’s warranty.

Many warranties require that the vehicle is serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and having a complete and up-to-date logbook is often necessary to prove that the vehicle has been properly maintained.

4. Increased Resale Value

A complete and up-to-date logbook can increase the resale value of your European Vehicle.

Buyers are often willing to pay more for a vehicle that has been well-maintained and has a documented service history.

5. Long-term Cost Savings

Regular logbook servicing can help extend the lifespan of your vehicle, saving you money in the long run.

Preventative maintenance can prevent expensive repairs and breakdowns, and can also improve fuel efficiency, reducing your overall running costs.

Choose Eurowerke for Your Luxury Car’s Logbook Servicing

At Eurowerke, we specialize in providing top-tier logbook servicing for all luxury European vehicles. Our team of expert technicians is equipped with the latest tools and technology to maintain your car’s performance, safety, and value. Trust us to care for your luxury vehicle with the precision and expertise it deserves.

Embrace the full potential of your luxury car with professional logbook servicing. Book your appointment with Eurowerke today and experience the difference in your vehicle’s performance and longevity.

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