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With a break in the rain, we stepped outside to see this sight, a line-up of four very different S58 powered BMW M cars.

Why is this special? Because not only are these all relatively new sports variants of their model, but they’re all modified and tuned by us!

Starting from the left we have a Techno Violet BMW G81 M3 Competition Touring, our very own Grimace. Currently producing over 550rwkw and has seen a 9.975 @ 138mph down the quarter mile.

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Next to it we have a BMW G80 M3 Competition Sedan which just had MST Air Intakes and a Burger Tuning JB4 Plug and Play Tuner installed. To tie it all together Ozzy did a custom Tune+ JB4 tune, making this G80 go without jeopardising it’s factory warranty and still making a huge 452rwkw & 860nm. The keen eyed will also notice this G80 is wearing a different front bumper from the guys at Adro.

Following the sedan comes a coupe, a BMW G82 M4. Which has recently had it’s ECU sent to FEMTO in Finland to be unlocked and now has a completely custom Tune+ ECU tune. You’ll have to stay tuned for the video on this one coming soon.

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Finally, we have the least in your face of the four, a sleeper in todays terms – a BMW F97 X3M Competition. This SUV is far from stock with an O-SPEC 3.5” Midpipe, xHP TCU tune, BM3 Flex Kit and a custom Tune+ ECU Tune. On 98 Octane it made 428rwkw & 733nm and on flex E50 it made a huge 536rwkw & 948nm!